Home Drinks Graviola Juice! Stunning Health Benefits Of This Miracle Juice!
Graviola Juice! Stunning Health Benefits Of This Miracle Juice!

Graviola Juice! Stunning Health Benefits Of This Miracle Juice!

Graviola Juice

Many global studies conducted in vitro or in animals speak about many benefits of fruit Graviola.

Although all parts of the tree (leaves, fruit, seeds, fruit, roots and bark) are used for centuries in native traditional medicine to treat various ailments, the fruit is particularly interesting because of the excellent taste and its wide use.

The fruit of Graviola can be used by children and people of all ages as a food or for medicinal purposes.

Stunning Graviola juice with a miracle health benefits

Graviola juice is a magic supplement whose aroma is extremely valued by the best chefs and is widely applied in the preparation of delicious drinks, sherbet, homemade ice cream, cakes and desserts or as a condiment and salad.

The pulp of the fruit has an excellent taste and exactly from the pulp of the best ripe fruit is made the finest, very delicious, thick, creamy Graviola juice.

The taste of the fruit Graviola and its juice many describe as a refreshing combination of citrus-sweet shades like pineapple, strawberry and passion fruit, with the addition of creamy notes like bananas or coconuts.

This fruit has won the broad masses of its exotic taste, and many of you because of the numerous benefits that have on health, and it`s used for therapeutic purposes.

Graviola as plant

Botanical name Graviola is Annona muricata, but her name is different depending on the region and language, so this fruit in Portuguese known as Graviola, as Guanabana in Spanish, in French as Corossol, in English as soursop, in Dutch as zuurzak, etc. …

Graviola, God’s food

Graviola is also called God’s food because it is mentioned in the oldest book in the world – the Bible.

Some quotes from the Bible indicate that the Graviola is a tree of life which bears fruit every month, growing on the banks of the river and has a healing power.

The Graviola juice made of the ripe fruit is truly God’s food and we can say that this fruit is the food and medicine for our body.

Graviola juice nutrients

It is rich in vitamin C, which has twice as much as cherry, apple, pineapple and grapes and is used to support the immune system and reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal infections.

It`s a good source of vitamins of the B group (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9) and folic acid, and the content of niacin (vitamin B3) increases levels of good HDL cholesterol.

It contains essential minerals and proteins which are necessary to our bodies, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, phosphorus and sodium.

The high amount of dietary fiber improves digestion and bowel function and prevents and relieves obstipation and constipation.

It`s the source of good carbohydrates and provides energy and contains no cholesterol, no fat and helps with weight loss.

Traditional application of Graviola juice

Local people of the tropics where Graviola grows, for centuries, used this Graviola juice as a natural remedy for:

– Relieve fever, flu, flu, cough and various infections

– Expelling worms and parasites in the stomach and digestive problems, diarrhea and dysentery

– Soothing nerves, as a sedative and anti-depressant and for healthy nervous system

– Lowering blood pressure, stress and insomnia

– Stimulate the secretion of milk in nursing mothers

Diabetes and malaria

– Treating migraine and diseases of the liver and heart

– Treating muscle tension, muscle spasms, joint inflammation, arthritis and rheumatism

Modern applications Graviola juice

Modern applications Graviola juice is based on various studies, research and laboratory tests in which the bioactive ingredients Graviola, acetogenins showed impressive range of medicinal properties:

Anti-cancer effect: acetogenins in Graviola stop the growth of multi-drug resistant cancer cells (source: newspaper “Journal of Medicinal Chemistry”, July 1997).

Graviola is listed among the plants with significant anti-carcinogenic properties (source: Journal “Molecules”, November 2010).

Acetogenins in Graviola leaves and fruits are effective in destroying cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy and show a strong potential for the treatment of cancer.

These compounds can stop tumor growth and protect the body from the creation of new cancer cells (source: newspaper “Medical Herbalism”, universities “National University of Columbia” and “Purdue”).

Prevention of cancer: acetogenins in Graviola prevent the occurrence of cancer by preventing the production of energy in its cells (source: newspaper “Phytotherapy Research”, August 2009).

It boosts immunity: confirmed by the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration.

It helps with blood in the urine, inflammation of the urethra, leprosy and liver problems (source: University “Purdue”).

Antiviral, antiparasitic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-rheumatic and cytotoxic (anti-tumor) properties.

In addition, it also lowers blood sugar and causes vomiting in case of poisoning, and has properties of analgesics (painkillers) (source: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center-  MSKCC).

Effectiveness in leukemia, lung cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer due to the high concentration of acetogenins in Graviola (source: Journal “Pharmacognosy”, January 2011).

The effectiveness in lung cancer and throat (Source: newspaper “Molecules” November 2010).

A strong toxic effect of acetogenins to colon cancer (source: Journal “Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin” December 2008), the effectiveness of the treatment of herpes simplex virus, which usually occurs on the lips and genitals.

When is applied to the infected area, Graviola extract works by inhibiting the viral infection in the cells and tissues, thus shortening the period of infection and can prevent future occurrences (source: magazine “Journal of Ethnopharmacology”, May 1998).

Graviola fruit extract inhibits the growth of cancerous lymphoma cells called U-937 (source: University “Colombia’s Universidad de Antioquia”, 2000).

The effectiveness in breast cancer – extracts of Graviola fruit stop the production and growth of cancerous breast stance even those who showed resistance to several types of conventional chemotherapy (source: Journal “Nutrition and Cancer”, July 2011, and the magazine “Journal of Medicinal Chemistry,” June 1997 .).

2 new circuit of Graviola, acetogenins have demonstrated efficacy in ovarian cancer (source: magazine “Journal of Natural Products”, November 2004).

Extracts of Graviola have the ability to kill certain types of breast cancer and liver that are currently resistant to chemotherapy drugs (source: cancerresearchuk.org and MSKCC).

Naturopathic Leslie Taylor, the author of “The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs”, states that studies have shown that Graviola has an inhibitory effect on the enzyme processes in the membranes of cancer.

It is fascinating that the Graviola only had an inhibitory effect on the membrane of cancer cells, not healthy.

It is said that Mother Nature is a perfect doctor and that its remedies have no side effects when are used in moderation.

Fruit and natural Graviola juice is very appreciated in alternative circles of natural medicine as well as for all people who care about their health.

NOTE: When you make Graviola juice remove the seeds from the fruit because they are toxic.

Therefore, enjoy the benefits of Graviola juice!



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