Home Beauty Green Juice! Less Weight And Greater Immunity In Record Time! (RECIPE)
Green Juice! Less Weight And Greater Immunity In Record Time! (RECIPE)

Green Juice! Less Weight And Greater Immunity In Record Time! (RECIPE)

Green Juice

Green juice is several years a hit in the world, especially among Hollywood superstars.

Although because of the colors green juice looks a bit rough, the truth is that this small green bomb actually has a very pleasant taste.

If you make a proper combination, this green juice has many positive effects.

The most popular healthy effects and number one is fat loss.

Almost all famous sexy-superstars drink green juice.

The most of them for the irresistible slim sexy line blame just this green juice.

This is a green juice that is made mainly of fruit, but you need to add a couple of leaves of some green vegetable.

In this way, you get a green color, but green and fresh vegetable doesn`t have a strong taste.

Therefore fresh green juice still has the taste of the fruit that you put.

These juices are particularly advised to people who have problems with excess weight, high cholesterol or a lack of energy.

In addition, green juice is also recommended to those who are anemic, because green vegetables contain a lot of iron.

Green leafy vegetables have long been classified as superfoods.

These vegetables do not contain a lot of calories and they have a lot of useful nutrients.

Unfortunately, a good portion of these substances is destroying during cooking.

It is the healthiest when you eat fresh vegetables.

However, hardly anyone really likes to eat kale in the form of salads.

Therefore, the optimal solution is to make green juice.

On that way, you don`t feel the taste of vegetables.

One of the most popular recipes comes from Hollywood queen of healthy food, Gwyneth Paltrow.

She advised that if you are overweight, combine green vegetable with citrus.

The fruits mask the taste excellent kale, chard or spinach, and are great for detoxification.

Green juice recipe

Ingredients you need for the recipe:

– 5 bigger cleaned kale leaves

– 1 whole peeled lemon

– 1 bigger cleaned and chopped apple

– 2.5 cm of fresh ginger

– A few leaves of fresh mint

Preparation of the recipe:

Put all ingredients in a blender and pour 120 ml of cold water.

First turn on-off until everything is milled, and then leave a few minutes to get a smooth juice.

Try it!

You will see that it tastes like plain fruit juice.

This green juice can be your snack, but can also exchange the breakfast.

It is great for those people who in the morning do not like to eat and they know they have something to eat because it is good for metabolism.



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