Home Diets GREEN POTION – An Extremely Healthy And For Weight Loss
GREEN POTION – An Extremely Healthy And For Weight Loss

GREEN POTION – An Extremely Healthy And For Weight Loss

Green Potion
This is an extremely healthy Green potion that is in many ways useful to the organism, but among other things, characterized by the fact that stimulates fat burning, so it is a good ally in the fight against excess weight.

Therefore, rightly called “Green potion for weight loss” so this is how the recipe reads:


One Celery – (about 250 grams)

One Cucumber – (about 300 grams)

Two Apples – (about 350 grams)

Leaves of Kale – (about 200 grams)

Ginger root – (about 25 grams)

Juice of one lemon – (about 25 ml)


Celery, cucumber, apple and ginger, peel and cut them into cubes and all together with kale put in a juicer and make a juice from that.

Finally, add the lemon juice and that’s it.

The green potion for weight loss is ready for use. The green potion can be consumed at any time of the day, but the best effect of burning fat when Green potion is taken after a meal.

Green potion for your health

This green potion carries with it many additional benefits. It has a very positive effect on the digestive organs thus making it easier to digest fatty foods and helps in the process of decomposition of protein.

It is recommended for people who have problems with bloating, gas, and those who suffer from constipation

The green potion is an excellent juice against morning sickness and nausea when you are traveling.

In this composition enters the juice of cucumber that makes a green potion an excellent juice for cleansing the body, especially the kidneys.

In cucumber, there is mineral Silicon dioxide –Silica, which gives shine and strength to our hair and nails. In addition, naturally hydrates the skin and improves complexion.

In kale is hiding a very valuable substance and is called sulforaphane. It is scientifically confirmed that sulforaphane has a direct impact on the prevention of cancer, especially colon cancer.

It is not only that sulforaphane reduces the possibility of cancer, but it can also fight against the already existent malignant tumors by blocking the process required for cell division of cancer. Therefore, it prevents the growth of tumors.

Ginger is known to accelerate the process of digestion and degradation of fat, and also contribute to lowering LDL cholesterol in the blood. Ginger can reduce the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed.

Generally speaking, this green potion for weight loss is rich in vitamins and minerals, so it is difficult to enumerate what all the health benefits it provides. That is why we particularly welcome people to the dietary supplement, to reimbursement of important nutrients.


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