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Growing Avocado Tree In Your Garden Pot!

Growing Avocado Tree In Your Garden Pot!

Growing Avocado

If you are interested in growing avocado tree, there are several ways that you can perform at your home.

For all lovers of botany, this plant will certainly represent a beautiful decoration in the garden, yard or home.

If you like all of this to succeed at home, you need to get the best possible avocado seeds, which practically can be found in this delicious fruit.

Growing avocado tree is possible and easy

Growing avocado tree in 4 steps

Now that you know how to get to the seed, which is necessary for the cultivation of avocado, it’s time to explain this process in detail:

-1. To remove the seed, first, immerse the whole fruit for a few minutes in the water.

Then, determine who is the top and that the lower part of the seed, and recognize by top has peaked shape.

-2. Take three wooden toothpicks and put inside seed each of them.

For this, you have to take care that each equidistant.

It is desirable that you stung toothpicks under a slightly sharper angle, as they will practically be holders because you need to put the seed in the water.

-3. Place it in a glass or glass jar, so that the lower part is immersed in the liquid, and that the top facing up.

It is now necessary for your future avocado tree to be placed in the sunny place.

-4. Change the water if necessary, preferably every five to seven days.

The next phase of growing avocado tree in jars is let the Mother Nature to do her job.

Between two to four weeks you will notice the first offshoot.

Do not be disappoint if you have to wait a little longer because the avocado seed sometimes begins to germinate and after eight weeks.

During this period, you will notice that the upper part will dry and crack and that the external membrane will start to flake.

These cracks will become larger and deeper, so it will come to the bottom of the avocado pits, from where they will start to grow a root.

They will be getting longer and at the top will appear the first offshoot which you have been waiting for.

In the next phase of growing avocado tree prepare to plant the fruit on the site that you have given to him.

We recommend that you perform the cultivation of avocado in the house, to avoid an adverse weather condition.

But if you live on the coast, you can plant them in the garden because the climate is appropriate.

Planting and growing avocado tree from seed

If you change the water regularly to the seed and held it to the proper place, it is ready for planting.

When an avocado tree reaches a height of 15 cm, it is necessary to cut at the half.

This way you encourage that it grows more quickly.

You can wait to grow twice bigger than before if you want to make sure that the plant will grow steadily.

Now the avocado is ready for planting, therefore, it is necessary to provide a smaller or medium-sized pot.

Place it in humus so that the top is a little above ground.

When it comes to growing avocado tree, make sure that you find a place you will have a lot of suns.

During the warmer part of the year free to hold out, but when temperatures begin to fall to zero, enter it into the house.

The avocado tree is a specific plant, but for the first fruits you will have to wait three to four years, and sometimes longer.

Add water only when you notice that the soil is dry, otherwise, the leaves will begin to be yellow and to dry.

An interesting fact when is that avocado fruit really loves company!

If you want to grow avocado faster and better, find a second – plant another specimen of this plant.

On that way, trees will pollinate each other when they flourished and you will have more fruit.

So do not let your avocado tree lives alone.

For growing avocado the best is to do it in pairs, and you will have a beautiful decoration in your home.



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