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Guarana – Amazonian Natural Health Gift!

Guarana – Amazonian Natural Health Gift!

When we mention guarana, the first association is the most popular energy drink that bears this name.

The second thought is about a fruit that helps in losing weight “Amazon eye”.

However, few people know about the origin and characteristics of this unusual and extremely interesting plant.

Guarana (Latin name: Paullinia cupana) is an evergreen shrub of the family crawling maple.

This unusual plant grows in areas of Venezuela and northern Brazil and reaches up to 12m high.

Guarana grows exclusively in the lush and pristine Amazon rain forest where for most of the year is dropping heavy rain and is tropical temperature.

White flowers of this plant grow in groups, from which, also in clusters, develop bright red fruits.

When the fruit guarana opened the scene is more than fascinating.

Wrapped in white pulp partially protrude black seeds.

That`s why a fruit of guarana reminiscent of the eyeball.

Hence the widespread name of guarana and “Amazon eye”.

The fruit guarana is an essential part of the diet of Amazon Indians for centuries.

They use it in small doses since early childhood together with mother’s milk.

Its longevity is often attributed miraculous properties of this plant that is called “the elixir of longevity“.

For them, it`s a food, but also the cure for many ailments.

The berries are grounding by hand and naturally dried.

Drink from Guarana people consumes in festive occasions.

This confirms that stimulating and healthy effects of guarana are not the discovery of the modern age, as is often thought.

More missionaries in the 17th century realized that after consuming these berry fruits, natives have a lot more energy and can be without food for several days.

Since then, begins trading with the berries in the colonies.

People sold this fruit for improving health and giving the body energy and stamina.

Guarana healing effects

– It helps in weight loss

– Enhance athletic performance

– As a stimulant

– To reduce physical and mental fatigue

– To treat low blood pressure

– CFS – chronic fatigue syndrome

– To prevent dysentery and malaria

– Enhance sexual drive

– To increase flow of urine

– As an astringent

– Against a headache, heat stress

– To treat a backache and joint pain

– Help in constipation, diarrhea and bowel health

– Treatment of breast cancer and tumors

This plant invigorates and keeps the entire human body.

It has a powerful antioxidant effect, prevents and slows the emergence of many diseases.

This is because this plant is rich in phytochemicals such as theobromine, saponin, tannin, and catechin.

Theobromine is directly responsible for the accelerated burning of fat.

That is why you can find guarana in numerous preparations for the release of excess weight and remove cellulite.

This plant helps at the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease because it serves as a tonic and cleanser intestine.

It is an excellent diuretic and promotes and accelerates the treatment of inflammatory processes of the urinary system.

It also eliminates diarrhea, painful menstruation, headaches, and migraines.

Preparations from this plant relax bronchial muscles, protect neurons from damage.

In addition, there is evidence about its effect on the reinforcement of sexual desire in both sexes.

It affects the prevention of blood clots, stimulates the heart muscle and increases blood pressure.

Therefore, people who have high blood pressure should pay attention to the amount and time of entry of the preparation of guarana.

Lately, studies point to the preventive effect of this plant and many types of cancer.

At the same time, you can hear that this plane is the elixir of longevity.

Guarana and caffeine – a powerful natural stimulant

This plant is famous just for its stimulating properties.

Therefore, people use it for energy and vitamin drinks to maintain alertness and concentration and reduce fatigue.

It is often an ingredient in products to improve cognitive function and performance in athletes.

This fact owes to a large amount of caffeine that is inside fruit.

It has between 3-7% of caffeine, which is much higher compared to coffee which contains 1-2%.

It is believed that guarana is the best and most natural source of caffeine in the world.

In South America, most of the caffeine is obtained precisely from this plant.

Also, caffeine from this fruit is different from the caffeine in coffee and tea.

The caffeine from the fruit does not cause negative effects as one containing coffee and tea.

It has no side effects, does not cause arrhythmia and rapid pulse.

Coffee, for example, has other exciting substances, such as furfural.

The stimulating effect of caffeine from guarana lasts much longer, even up to 6 hours, because it frees up more slowly than caffeine from coffee.

It reduces mental and physical fatigue, stress, stimulates the central nervous system, and is reducing cravings.

“Amazon eye” melts fat

“Amazon eye” is the name of a popular and highly effective tool for weight loss based on guarana.

Biologically active substances contained in the Guarani, especially theobromine have made it known and recognized an asset in the fight against excess weight and fat.

When combined with caffeine, which reduces appetite, the fruit has become an ideal assistant for women who want to quickly and easily reach an ideal weight in a natural way.

Even the Brazilian natives noticed that eating berries of this plant help women to achieve a slim look.

In addition, it eliminates cellulite and gives skin a healthy and velvety finish.

In recent years, “Amazon eye” has become one of the most popular products for weight loss.

Nutritionists recommend this fruit and user`s experience are additional recommendations to this preparation heard around the world.

In addition, to improving metabolism, decreased appetite and disappearance of subcutaneous fat, some users testified large numbers of lost pounds in a short period of time (even 5-10kg a month).

However, there is another side of the story.

This weight loss product has encountered and contestation, even publicly warning of the high doses that some people use.

Fast weight loss can have extremely negative effects on the overall condition of the body.

That is why we do not need to exaggerate with the “Amazon eye” consumption.

A caution in the consumption of products based on guarana should be given to people with high blood pressure.

It`s not good to use in the afternoon and evening hours because large amounts of caffeine can cause insomnia.

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