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Hair Care! You Need To Know This!

Hair Care! You Need To Know This!

The lack of elasticity, small defects, and cracks, as well as the sharp ends that stick out, are just a few of the hair care.

That is signs that you wrongly hair are and you need a haircut.

It happens to every person that can have a bad hair day.

Nunzio Saviano, the owner of the salon in New York revealed that these four products you should never put on the hair.

In addition, to have a proper hair care then you need to avoid some of below hair care products.

Avoid these hair care products

Products based on silicone

Silicone products give to your hair shine and silky appearance.

However, those silicone products prevent the right nutrients from reaching your hair – says Nunzio Saviano.

Products that contain alcohol

These are the most common products that people use for styling your hair, such as hair spray or foam for hair.

Alcohol dries out your precious hair, and therefore, is very harmful.

Before buying those products for styling your hair, check whether a specific product contains alcohol.

Cheap shampoo

Nunzio Saviano says that you should be very careful when buying shampoo.

As you maybe know, some of the shampoos destroy the color and remove natural oil from hair.

You need to try to find and buy shampoos that have a low proportion of sulphate – sulfate and contain moisturizing ingredients.

They can be found in pharmacies or well-stocked shops for hair styling.

Conditioners protein-based

Using conditioner is fine.

However, you need to avoid conditioners that are made just from proteins.

Always use a conditioner that contains a combination of moisturizing substances and proteins – is Nunzio Saviano advice.

If Conditioner contains too much or is prepare just from proteins, the hair will lose its natural elasticity.

This can lead to ripping the hair while combing – Nunzio Saviano warns.

Too much protein in the hair can cause that your hair will look like straw.

Therefore, it`s never bad to have better hair care and have a better image of you as a person.


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