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Hawthorn! Plant That Cures Heart!

Hawthorn! Plant That Cures Heart!

Hawthorn – Crataegus also known as May-tree, thornapple, hawberry or whitethorn is hard and tough, medium sized tree.

Sometimes, it can be gnarly.

The flowers of this plant have a strong odor and smell of honey.

The fruits from this plant are red and are harvested in late summer when they are fully ripe.

This plant Hawthorn often grows in thickets and along fences and hedges.

Medicinal plant parts are flowers, leaves, and fruits stemless.

The flowers and leaves should be picked in the spring.

The flowers are harvested only from the tree that is in full bloom the home.

Dry those in a thin layer and at the same time be careful, not to change the color.

The leaves are harvested after flowering plants.

The fruits are harvested after maturity.

Droughts are first in the shade, to wither, and after that dried up in the warm oven.

The healing effect of hawthorn

It is believed that this plant is one of the most effective and most valuable herbs for the heart.

This plant strengthens and regulates heartbeat. In addition, hawthorn has always been used as a natural remedy for blood pressure regulation because not only can lower high blood pressure but raise low blood pressure in cases of a weakened heart muscle.

He’s good in the treatment of damaged heart muscle in old age, with inflammation of the heart muscle, has a beneficial effect in the treatment of obstructive blood vessels and is a good natural remedy for angina pectoris.

In other words, a Hawthorn has a beneficial effect on all heart disease.

This plant also has a positive effect on calming the nervous system. people also use hawthorn to reduce anxiety, for a digestive system such as stomach pain, diarrhea, and indigestion.

It`s also used for menstrual problems, as a sedative for increasing urine output, treating tapeworm and some intestinal infections.

Traditionally hawthorn has been used as a diuretic for bladder and kidney disorders.

NOTE: Make a consultation with your professionals about healthcare before using hawthorn.


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