He Cured Himself From The Most Dangerous Type Of Cancer And Left The Doctor Shocked!



When you discover that you have cancer, the doctor always recommends the conventional cancer treatments which include chemotherapy.

The doctor`s way to fight this illness (chemotherapy) unfortunately harms and destroys human cells even more than dangerous cancer itself.

That is the main reason why a lot of cancer patients are turning to a natural medicine.

A natural medicine is offering a safer and better way to treat cancer.

Namely, there are numerous cases where people succeeded and healed them self from this deadly disease just with natural herbs and homemade recipes.

A many of them used medicinal cannabis, carrots, turmeric or baking soda.

Among a lot of treatments for cancer the newest remedy nowadays is honey.

Cancer can be treated naturally

Honey has been considered as a holy food for centuries because honey is count like important natural remedies that is known to human.

It was discovered bowels full with honey in a famous Tutankhamun`s Tomb that is more than 3,000 years old.

Greeks and Romans used this natural remedy to heal the wounds and to strengthen the body.

Lung cancer is one of the most girded – dangerous cancer from all types of this deadly illness.

Ante Kresic, a man from Zagreb – Croatia was diagnosed that he has this deadly illness 13 years ago.

Moreover, this man had been informed that his life won`t be long.

However, today after 13 years he is a healthy and an alive man.

In April, Ante Kresic was released from his hospital, but he didn`t give up.

He started to use honey and some natural herbs.

In the summer just a few months later he visits the hospital for a regular check and the doctors have been shocked because he is still alive.

After all checks and results, they advised him to continue with taking his homemade therapies and remedies because the disease was gone.

In addition, his blood was also checked and there was no sign in the blood that he has been ill.

After this news, Ante Kresic decided to share this experience and therapy to other people with the similar problems and have the same illness.

This is just one more evidence that honey mixed with some other natural ingredients can defeat cancer.

Another case is from Bosnia. A woman succeeded and defeat cancer with a mixture from honey and ginger.

A woman recommends that honey should be bought from known and reliable beekeepers or homemade.

She shared her recipe so other people can use against this deadly illness.

Recipe for treating cancer:

You need to chop 2 big ginger roots finely and mix together with 1/2kg (18oz) of natural and organic honey.

Put all together in a glass jar and consume 1 tbsp 3-4 times daily.

Note: You need to use a plastic or wooden spoon.

The first effects you will notice for 4 days.

It`s very important to don`t give up and stay positive during this therapy, regardless of the doctor`s opinions.

Source: www.myfitmagazine.com


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