Heal and Get Rid of Sinusitis and Headache in Five Days

Sinusitis and Headache
Sinusitis and Headache
Woman with a sinus therapy bowl

When colder days arrive people are more vulnerable to some infections including sinusitis and headache and that is accompanied with a lot of severe pain.

Classic analgesics will not help to a lot of people if they like to treat sinusitis and headache.

These two conditions are like tension at the top of your nose above facial or eyebrows.

A classic analgesic is like poison to you and for you is better to reach and find some natural solution.

Sinusitis and headache healing naturally

Horseradish is an excellent partner and ally for the fight against sinusitis and headache.

You can grate horseradish, put together with vinegar in one jar, seal the jar and leave that mixture at room temperature for the next ten days.

Occasionally you can stir mixture during those days.

When ten days will pass, open the jar and for five minutes deeply inhale the smell that is coming from the mixture with horseradish.

At the evening, you need to wrap with something liquid over forehead or you can wrap on the back of your head.

This treatment is lasting for five days and it will help you to get rid of sinusitis and headache.

Another solution to treat sinusitis and headache is to grate 50 gr. of horseradish, pour with 5 dl. of water in one pot and boil it.

You can use this mixture for steam inhaling.

Place your head over the pot covered with a towel and just breathe deeply over the pot for a few minutes.

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