Heal Yourself With The Ordinary Water! Boost Immunity And 15 Times Faster Metabolism!


Water is the basic component of life on Earth and the basic element of the planet.

Almost 70% of the Earth’s surface is with this element, which mainly consists in salty oceans.

Only a small amount of this, just 1%, is drinking water.

As you know, we all depend and we all owe our lives to this element.

The ancient peoples knew the importance of this element, and they attributed it to the divine role.

Apart from being an integral part of everything that lives, water plays a key role in our health.

Thanks to all the benefits of this element, hydrotherapy was also created.

Hydrotherapy is a series of therapeutic activities performed with this element for the purpose of improving human health.

However, you do not have to go to hydrotherapy treatments to boost your immunity.

All you have to do is afford a simple, cool shower!

How to use water for your health

The basics of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy serves to relax, relieve pain and also healthy treatments.

It includes a wide range of therapies that utilize physical properties such as temperature, composition, and also pressure.

The key action of hydrotherapy is precisely the feeling of coldness and warmth.

Hot water is often used for relaxation and cold for stimulating the workings of internal organs.

When the person is under stress, it is recommended to use a hot shower or bath to relax the body.

If it is fatigued, it is recommended to use a cold shower to raise energy and also activate the body.

Heat-induced by external factor reduces stress hormone secretion.

On the other hand, coldness increases activity within the cell and helps close the skin pores.

Since hydrotherapy intensifies fluid flow in the body, blood flow to the cells is improved as well as cell activity itself.

In addition, there are many types of hydrotherapy.

The most famous are:

– Baths with water massage

– Cold compression

– Warm compression

– Contrasting sauna

Foot bath

– Sauna, etc.

Nowadays, many people use a cold shower treatment that you can run alone, in your home.

Coldness improves health

A cold shower is not just an activity for eccentric adventurers.

That is also shown by modern studies that emphasize health benefits of cold water showering for the organism.

A recent Dutch study has shown that people who practice cold shower in the morning are less disturbed and are not absent so often from a job.

Participants who practice a cold shower also have much higher levels of energy.

One group of participants was showering only with warm water.

At the same time, the other was showering with hot water, after which they would release the cold water for 30, 60 or 90 seconds.

Most of the participants who used hot and cold treatment said that their quality of life improved.

In addition, they had more energy.

Interestingly, most of them, the same treatment of alternating showers continued to be self-initiated after the experiment was completed.

Water for the strong and healthy organism

Many civilizations used cold water therapy and, therefore had stronger health.

Roman bathing included moving through a series of heated rooms, which would eventually culminate with a cold bath.

In modern times, the traditional “immersion in cold water” ritual also has been held in most saunas and spas.

The daily ritual of cold and also cold-hot shower has a wide range of health benefits.

Cold water triggers internal processes that activate the immune system.

During showering, blood cells are activated, helping to fight against viruses and also bacteria.

In addition, cold shower improves blood circulation, which can help prevent blood vessel disease.

At the same time, thanks to increased blood flow, skin cells regenerate faster.

This stimulates collagen production, which is important for increasing skin elasticity and also for wrinkle reduction.

Cold water showering also helps to remove excess fat deposits in the body.

Moreover, as you know, extreme cold stimulates the faster burning of calories.

Scandinavian scientists have found that exposure to cold temperatures accelerates metabolism for up to fifteen times!

This means that by applying cold shower the person could lose as much as 9 kg a year!

Cold showering also accelerates the body’s recovery after a lot of physical effort.

Sportsmen often use ice baths after training to reduce inflammation and also muscle pain.

A similar effect you can also achieve with a cold shower after exercise.

How to use a cold shower

Maybe, after this information, you want to change the shower rhythm by introducing a cold shower.

We recommend that you do so gradually.

In the beginning, during normal showering use cold short shower jets every 10-20 seconds.

This will reduce the risk of shock accommodate your body to a cold shower.

However, experts argue that cold shower therapy is not for everyone.

For example, the increase in blood pressure caused by cold shower could be dangerous for people who are otherwise suffering from severe pressure changes.

However, scientists state that you can use this therapy to reduce blood pressure or to raise low.

Only half a minute of the cold shower will make a great difference for you.

Thanks to that, your sleepy organism could become active and also ready for everyday challenges.

Source: www.arthritisresearchuk.org





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