Home Health Healing Herbs Mix Spices That You Should Use In Your Kitchen!
Healing Herbs Mix Spices That You Should Use In Your Kitchen!

Healing Herbs Mix Spices That You Should Use In Your Kitchen!

As you already know our Mother Nature gave us endless natural herbs mix spices that can help you and can make healthier our life and body.

Of course, it`s almost impossible to have all those herbs mix spices always in our kitchen, but at least we can have some of them and use their health benefits for our precious body health.

Herbs mix spices that you should use every day

Herbs And Spices Garlic-1. Garlic

On the top of the list of the herbs mix spices are the powerful and also amazing garlic.

It`s natural ingredient that is present in every kitchen and is used to treat numerous diseases.

Of course, we should not forget and brother – wild garlic with his health benefits.

However, to activate compound allicin and get all health benefits of this plant we need to know how to properly eat garlic.

Herbs And Spices Turmeric-2. Turmeric

Turmeric with its compound curcumin is among healthiest herbs mix spices on the planet.

It`s treating numerous different diseases and is important to know how to properly use turmeric so we can benefit and apply health properties of this ingredient.

We can increase the health benefits up to 2000 times when we mix it with a small amount of black pepper.


Herbs And Spices Basil-3. Basil

Basil is treated as a sacred plant in a lot of religious ceremonies.

Its second name is “king of the herbs”.

Hindus worship this herb like a plant with healing and sacred powers.

Therefore, It should be one of the ingredients present in our kitchen

Herbs And Spices Black Pepper 1-4. Black Pepper

Black pepper is used in an addition to a lot of cuisines and is an almost unavoidable ingredient in our kitchen.

It`s one of the essential ingredients that gives a special test to every meal.

There are different colors of this ingredient and you can read all about that and health benefits in our page for black pepper.


Herbs And Spices Cayenne Pepper-5. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper has been used in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine because possess amazing healing properties.

Its active compound that gives beneficial properties to this ingredient is Capsaicin.

Use whenever you can and enjoy in this ingredient that you can add in your dish and increase its spiciness.


Herbs And Spices Cinnamon-6. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the spice that is very popular and romantic.

It can be used in almost everything as an additive to make culinary masterpieces.

However, cinnamon has amazing and numerous health benefits for our health.

Among other healing properties, the most favorite is that helps for weight loss.

Herbs And Spices Clove-7. Clove

Clove is well-known for centuries and was used by Michel Nostradamus for his protection during the plague in France.

Extract from this ingredient can imitate insulin and can help balance the blood sugar level at people which suffer from diabetes.

More about clove and it benefits you can read on our page about this powerful ingredient.


Herbs And Spices Dill-8. Dill

This herb has the ability and can boost our digestive health.

It can also provide relief from diarrhea, menstrual disorders, dysentery, insomnia, hiccups, respiratory disorders and even cancer.

In addition, it can protect our body from bone degradation.

It can also treat heartburn colic and gas.

Herbs And Spices Fennel-9. Fennel

Fennel is also one of the most useful herbs that can help for our health and well-being.

It can help with anemia, indigestion, flatulence and constipation.

It will reduce bad breath and body odor.

In addition, it can treat some dangerous diseases like cancer, heart disease, it can reduce blood pressure and help for better function of our main computer – brain.

Fennel is one of the ingredients that you can make a recipe and treat Hives.

Herbs And Spices Fenugreek-10. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a herb that is beneficial for the women.

It can reduce menstrual discomfort, it can help and minimize the symptoms of menopause and is excellent for nursing mothers.

In addition, fenugreek is good if you have a kidney trouble, for prevention of cardiovascular diseases, it helps and alleviate diabetes type II, it helps in treating diarrhea and constipation, it reduces cholesterol levels in our body and is effective in the prevention of colon cancer.

NOTE: Pregnant women should not consume this herb during pregnancy.

Herbs And Spices Ginger-11. Ginger

Ginger is one of the universal herbs that you can use in a lot of ways.

You can make an excellent ginger juice and boost your immune system, and, at the same time, you will melt fat off the waist.

It`s an excellent additive to have a perfect ginger bath to relax and detoxify your body.

Read more about amazing health benefits on our page about that.

Herbs And Spices Mint-12. Mint

Mint is one of the most well-known and popular herbs.

It`s especially excellent during hot days in spring and summer like a refreshing drink.

The best is to drink refreshing tea from mint and you will suppress nervous tension, colds, coughs, nausea, headaches and more about health benefits you can read in our page about mint.

Herbs And Spices Oregano-13. Oregano

Oregano is not just a spice.

It can soothe stomach muscles and there are numerous proofs about its health benefits.

If you didn`t know there is also wild oregano that has also amazing health benefits for our body and health.


Herbs And Spices Rosemary-14. Rosemary

We can say that rosemary is one more gift from Mother Nature.

You need to know that rosemary leaves are the healing part of this herb.

You can make wine of rosemary and morning rosemary bath.

Rosemary bath is especially useful in the morning because it will refresh and awaken your body.

Herbs And Spices Sage-15. Sage

Sage is an excellent antibiotic and antiseptic.

It is an excellent herb for an oral hygiene and is very useful for a vaginal wash at women.

You can also make and wine from sage that will improve your potency.

In addition, everything about the health benefits you can read in our page about sage.

Herbs And Spices Thyme-16. Thyme

The last but not less important on this list of herbs and spices is thyme.

This herb can also be used as a remedy for almost all women diseases.

With a bath of thyme, you can strengthen your muscles and nerves.

Thyme can be also used against depression and alcoholism.

The best is to see all health benefits of this herb in our page about Thyme.



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