Home Health Healing With Royal Jelly! Amazing Natural Ingredient That Rejuvenates The Cells!
Healing With Royal Jelly! Amazing Natural Ingredient That Rejuvenates The Cells!

Healing With Royal Jelly! Amazing Natural Ingredient That Rejuvenates The Cells!

If the queen bee is the queen in the bee society, then the Royal Jelly is the queen in the natural healthy diet.

This natural ingredient is the secretion from the glands of worker bees that are feeding all working larvae and bee drones.

They feed them for the first 72 hours.

They also feed larvae that will be the queen bee with this ingredient for the entire period of development.

In addition, this is nourishment for the queen bee through the whole life.

There is a biological difference between the jelly that consumes the queen bee larvae and the working larvae and bee drones.

The jelly for queen bee larvae is richer in pantothenic acid, biopterin, and neopterin.

However, it is not certain to prove which substance or combination of substances is determinate whether the larvae will develop in a queen bee or working bee.

Royal jelly is the biologically most powerful natural substance – a spark of life.

The composition and biological power are not fully investigated.

This bee product is extremely nutritious, dense, milk-white creamy liquid, with a characteristic odor, little sour and slightly hot taste.

Working Bees produce Royal Jelly of floral nectar, pollen, and water by secretion of their glands.

Basic ingredients of this product are protein, vitamins, hormones, fats, sugars, water, amino acids, etc.

Royal jelly healing benefits

This jelly is a miracle product that stimulates development, regains power, regenerate the body and metabolism.

It has a lot of effects on many diseases and has especially important effects on strengthening immunity and improving blood pressure.

This jelly accelerates recovery at sick persons and improves the condition of Parkinson’s disease.

Also, it`s regulating the blood sugar levels in diabetics.

It also rejuvenates the human cell because it supplies them with substances that disappear through time.

Due to its extremely valuable protein composition, this natural jelly is beneficial for children.

It stimulates growth and development, and especially the immune system of a young organism.

This product is the best companion for a long and healthy life.

How to store the Royal jelly?

You need to store this jelly in its original state in hermetically sealed containers.

In addition, the containers need to be of dark glass and keep them at low temperatures (-20 ° C).

You can also store the jelly with honey, pollen or propolis solution that serves as a natural preservative.

If you store it with those ingredients you can keep it at higher temperatures.

The longest way to keep this jelly is with special process lyophilisation.

This is a process that draws out water and converts the product into a powder.

A clean jelly you can also store in this way:

Put 10 grams of jelly in a 10-grams glass jar filled to the top to be without air.

Hermetically seal the glass jar, put into honey and store in the fridge.

In this way, you can preserve the beneficial properties of the jelly for up to 8 months.

Keep in mind that you need to use plastic spoons during consumption.

The dosage of Royal Jelly is different for various diseases.

It`s ranging from 5 to 50 milligrams per day for 20 to 60 days.

In some cases, the treatment can be even longer.

You need to take this jelly 1 to 3 times a day, and the minimum take-up time is 20 days.

The mix of jelly and honey you need to take on an empty stomach half an hour before meals.

These are the most important health benefits:

– It helps to reduce Mucositis Symptoms

– Treats diabetes

– Improves infertility at men

– Helps in healing wounds

Cancer prevention

– Improves skin collagen levels

– Eases PMS and menopausal symptoms

– Contains probiotics that are beneficial for the human body

– Treats osteoporosis

– It helps patients with Alzheimer`s disease

– It boosts human immune system

Weight loss effects

– It has anti-inflammatory agents

– It has effect on human blood pressure

– The jelly has liver protective properties

– It boosts brain function

NOTE: before using this natural product check if you are allergic to honey.

Use all amazing healing benefits of this natural bee`s product.

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