Healthy Foods That Fight 5 Types Of Cancer!


Here you will find a list of healthy foods that have the power to fight against the common disease – cancer.

Each type of this dangerous disease opposes ten foods, which are also effective in combating the greatest death of the modern era.

Nowadays, there are many types of research on the topic in terms of food effects in the prevention of certain diseases.

The researches show that nutrition is a very important weapon in the fight against this malignant disease.

Simply, consuming a particular type of food also has a tendency to reduce the risk of the appearance of different types of this disease.

At the same time, the common properties of all foods that prove to be effective in this disgruntled battle are that they are anti-cancerous.

In addition, they have a high presence of antioxidants.

Also, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fiber.

Before we list all the possible foods that are perfect for preventing certain malignant diseases, we will first mention the three most common causes of this disease.

Causes of cancer


Nowadays, research shows that smoking accounts for as much as 30 percent of all carcinoma-related deaths.

In addition, it has been proven that the use of nicotine sticks can cause malignancy in many organs.

That malignancy disease can occur in the lungs, colon, stomach, pancreas, and also prostate.

Nutrition and lifestyle

The unhealthy diet and also inactivity, which includes the long sitting, can greatly increase the risk of malignant diseases.

In addition, it has been found that these two essential things have significantly increased the chances of malignant disease.

That is especially in the past 100 years when people are eating unhealthy foods and also unhealthy ingredients.

Also, they spend more and more time sitting and without any activity.


Certain types of this disease have a high tendency to be related to family factors.

On the list, there are extremely healthy and also nutritious foods.

Foods that fight cancer

Breast cancer

– Pomegranate

– Lentil


– Also, walnut

– Salmon

Olive oil

– Parsley

– Green tea

– Asparagus

– Cabbage

Savoy cabbage

Lung cancer

Shiitake mushrooms


– Garlic

– Blueberry

– Tomato

– Broccoli

– Also, arugula

– Watercress

– Cherry

– Dog rose

Colon cancer


– Peanuts

– Spinach

– White tea

– Curry

– Raspberry


– Onion

Black tea

– Brussels sprout

Skin cancer

– Carrot

– Potato

– Avocado


– Horseradish

– Basil


– Linseed – flax seeds

– Melon

– Lemon

Prostate cancer

Brazilian Walnut

– Soy

– Papaya

– Watermelon

– Cashew

Pumpkin seeds

– Chickpea

– Tuna

– Sunflower seeds


Of course, all those healthy foods you need to combine with healthy diets, physical activity, and also a healthy lifestyle.

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