Healthy Traits Of Coffee That Science Has Proven!


There are a lot of controversial rumors lately about our favorite morning drink – coffee.

Still, you will probably agree that there is no better way to resolve these disputes than scientific approaches.

Scientists claim that consumption of this drink in moderate amounts, it`s not harmless and also can have a positive impact on our health.

For example, lovers of this drink look younger than their friends with the same age.

Also, they have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

See all the useful properties of coffee

– 1. Reduces the risk of cirrhosis of the liver

Scientists from the Mario Negri Institute in Italy discover that this drink reduces the risk of developing liver cirrhosis by 50%.

– 2. Reduces the chances of Alzheimer`s disease or Parkinson’s disease development

Researchers from the Alzheimer`s Disease Research Center conduct a study to determine the influence of this drink on the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Research findings show that consuming 3 cups of coffee a day can also reduce the risk of developing the disease by 65%.

Researchers from the Santa Catherine University of Brazil say that regular consumption is also preventative for Parkinson’s disease.

In addition, the risk of developing this disease is reduced by 20%.

– 3. Reduces the risk of malignant diseases

Numerous studies conducted over the last few decades show that this drink has a major negative impact on our health.

It is also mentioned that it can lead to the development of malignant diseases.

However, these assumptions have proved inauspicious in recent years.

The research’s that conduct the Department of Health Clinical Studies at the University of Milan and the Department of Epidemiology at the Mario Negri Institute show that consumption actually reduces the risk of breast cancer.

At the same time, it reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

– 4. Positively affects the cardiovascular system

There is also another misconception about coffee.

It is about that is its influence on the cardiovascular system.

In fact, several studies from different universities and institutes show that people who drink 3-5 cups of this drink a day have three times less chance of suffering from heart problems than those who drink other beverages.

Studies have shown that there is no big difference between consuming 1 or 3 cups of this drink.

Also, such a small amount cannot have a negative impact on the work of the cardiovascular system.

– 5. Reduces the risk of the gallbladder and also gallbladder injuries

The gift is caused by a poor metabolic state and also results in the accumulation of various substances in the tissues.

Due to the fact that this drink accelerates metabolism, its consumption can actually prevent the gift.

This has been proven at various medical universities, including Harvard.

Some substances, such as caffeine, can also reduce the risk of stone buildup in the gallbladder.

The risk is reduced by 4% if you drink 4 cups a day and for as much as 45% if you drink 5 cups.

– 6. Reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Danish scientists have proved that consumption of this drink does not affect the development of type 2 diabetes.

Cafestol is one of the ingredients that increase insulin levels in the pancreas when it is exposed to glucose.

Because of this, consumption of this homemade coffee actually protects you from Type 2 diabetes.

– 7. Submerges every cell in the body

Antioxidants from coffee actually rejuvenate the cells in the body.

Scientists from the Seoul University claim that extracts from this plant help eliminate small wrinkles.

In addition, its prevent moisture and collagen loss from the skin.

That is why people who regularly drink this drink look younger than their peers.

– 8. Increases muscle strength in the elderly population

As we have already mentioned, there are many reasons why it is good to drink this drink at the older age.

In addition, scientists find that caffeine increases muscle strength in older people.

This will also save them from accidental damages and injuries.

– 9. Extends lifespan

This drink also reduces the risk of death for several reasons.

Studies conducted in different countries have yielded similar results – the mortality rate is lower among people who regularly drink it.

Scientists claim that smokers may also benefit from this, as smoking does not change this effect.


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