Home Health Heather Is Healing! A Little-known Bush!
Heather Is Healing! A Little-known Bush!

Heather Is Healing! A Little-known Bush!

Heather Is Healing! A Little-known Bush!

Heather (Calluna vulgarize), is an evergreen semi-shrub and a lot of people know this plant for its medicinal properties.

Heather health benefits

Natural medicine uses this plant for:

– Cleaning the blood


– Arthritis

– Gout

At the same time can treat:

– Infections of the kidney

– Infections of the bladder and urinary tract

– It can dissolve all the stones

When people use this plant they do not have to go to surgery – claims folk medicine.

Heather contains many medicinal ingredients among which are arbutins, tannins, saponins, alkaloid ericodin, and also flavonoids myricitrin and quercitrin.

Of course, the most important is its power to dissolve the stones.

Therefore, natural medicine considers this plant as an excellent remedy for all kinds of stone.

You need to be persistent in daily intake of tea for several months because some stones dissolve slowly and so it takes a little more time.

It`s much stronger if you use tea from the flowers harvested in the autumn against gallstones, kidney stones, and bladder stones.

Heather also:

– Helps against inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries kidneys

– Promotes blood circulation

– Helps against inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract, prostate

– This plant lowers blood sugar and also fat in the blood

– It helps prevent atherosclerosis

– Also, can help for poor circulation in the legs

– It helps for oscillating blood pressure

The most common consumption of this medicinal plant is in the form of tea.

You can use tea from the heather flowers for herbal treatment for:

– Colic

– Stomach pain


In addition, you can apply this plant for the internal and external treatment.

Bath of heather can also treat:

– Skin rashes

– Eczema

– Lichen


– Wounds

At the same time, you can apply wraps from this plant for:

– Eye inflammation

– Glaucoma


I hope that now you know more about this amazing healthy plant.

Source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4333975/


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