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Hemorrhoid! Bleeding Symptoms And Treatment With Nutrition!

Hemorrhoid! Bleeding Symptoms And Treatment With Nutrition!


Hemorrhoid that is bleeding, hurt or itch is a faithful companion of almost half the world’s population aged 50 and over.

Hemorrhoid often occurs and in young people who are faced with the first symptoms between 20 and 30 g.

One of the main reasons for hemorrhoid formation is constipation – when bowel movements difficult and there is an injury to the anal region.

Irregular physical activity, long time sitting, unhealthy diet, reduced input the liquid, additionally contribute to this problem.

Therefore, you should have the menu rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes and seeds.

Hemorrhoid can be treated naturally with nutrition

You need to forget about processed foods, fatty, fried and spicy foods.

What is hemorrhoid and how it looks?

It is in fact, the so-called hemorrhoidal cushions in the area of the anus that are consisting of varicose veins.

Hemorrhoidal cushions can occur inside the anus – called internal hemorrhoids.

Usually, they do not cause pain, but also outside, when they cause symptoms such as itching and burning.

There are 4 stages of the hemorrhoidal disease.

Hemorrhoid 2

The 1st and 2nd stage can be treated by conservative methods, application of ointments and creams with an accompanying change in diet and acceptance of healthy living habits.

The 3rd and 4th stage level often require surgical intervention, in which hemorrhoidal tissue is removed.

Since the veins in the anus usually spread due to increased pressure in the anal opening, hemorrhoids easily appear to obese people, pregnant women, new mothers and persons who spend their days sitting.

Therefore, do your best every day to be active.

If you job requires sitting at the computer, every hour make a series of at least 10 squats.

Constipation has often preceded the appearance of hemorrhoids.

Difficulty in passing feces through the bowel requires additional strain, which puts pressure on the blood vessels in the anus.

This is why our diet very important when we have hemorrhoid.

It is important to drink more fluids and consume more ingredients rich fiber.

If you have hemorrhoid that bleed and do not hurt, always go to the doctor, to a detailed examination of the rectum.

The first symptoms of hemorrhoid are itching and burning sensation of the anus

Symptoms of hemorrhoid largely depend on the stage of the disease.

Discomfort when sitting and itching around the anus, with swelling of the surrounding tissue, may be the first sign of creation of hemorrhoidal cushions.

A little later it comes to burning in the anal region.

Hemorrhoid that bleeds is a lot easier to detect and diagnose.

On this issue may indicate light red blood in the faces or on the toilet paper, and difficulty cleaning after a bowel movement.

It is extremely important to do a good hygiene at the anal region in these patients.

It is recommended to be sure to run-off the rectum with water (not warm or hot), drying and applying appropriate fat after defecation.

According to the point where there are hemorrhoids we can distinguish internal and external hemorrhoids.

The symptoms of internal and external hemorrhoids are quite different.

Hemorrhoids inside the anal canal are causing leakage of mucus, there is a pain and sometimes itching.

Unlike internal hemorrhoids, the external hemorrhoids can be seen with the naked eye.

They are bluish lumps, causing a lot of trouble because are following with more itching and burning, but are quite harmless.

Hemorrhoids after birth delivery are also very common.

They are occurring due to strong straining, but after a few weeks of a proper diet can be treated.

If you do not recognize at the time, hemorrhoidal cushions can be enlarged and cause a false need to go in the toilet.

If we don`t treat them on time, it can create abscesses filled with pus and blood, which later can cause anal ulcers.

How to get rid of hemorrhoid with a healthy diet

Proper diet is the key to treating the hemorrhoids bleeding, itching and burning.

You must strictly adhere to the specific diet, hygiene and antibiotic therapy.

Do not fry food

Fried foods should not be present on your desk during the fight against hemorrhoids.

It is often full of harmful fats that make it difficult to digest, and therefore the passage of feces through the intestines.

On the other hand, these specialties may have an inflammatory effect, which hemorrhoidal cushions can do more and more painful.

In the preparation of food, you should avoid animal fat and refined oils – it is best to use cold and strained olive oil because it can help to soften the feces.

Replace harmful fats

You do not need to pull out all the fat from your diet.

While the red meat is harmful, omega-3 fatty acid is useful for overall health, including cardiovascular health.

These acids have the linen seed, which can be added to drinks from fruits and vegetables and salads.

Nuts are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids but do not eat them in large quantities.

Fatty fish is good for hemorrhoids bleeding because it is rich in fat useful to freely slide through the digestive tract.

Have fatty fish on the table at least twice a week.

Eat as many fruits and vegetables

Since they are containing bioflavonoids, fruit and vegetables can be great allies in the battle against hemorrhoid, especially when it causes itching and bleeding from the anus.

The secret lies in their ability to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevent their damage.

In addition, contain valuable fibers, which are the main comrades in battle not only against hemorrhoids but also with constipation.

For bleeding hemorrhoids are recommended: artichokes, broccoli, plums apples, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, cauliflower, etc.

It is particularly useful fruits rich in flavonoids such as figs, cherries, blackberries, apricots and grapes.

Also, do not forget – a good part of each piece of fruit or vegetable that you eat it`s full with valuable water!

The benefits of whole grains

If you want a healthy breakfast, it is best to combine fruit with whole grains, which are also a valuable source of fiber.

If you have hemorrhoids bleeding troubling and constipation, an excellent choice is the dried fruit, especially dried plums combined with date palm.

On the other hand, if you make cakes, especially that without yeast, use whole wheat flour.

In the dough add a small amount of flakes of psyllium, whose 88 percent are just fibers.

If you are not allergic or intolerant to gluten, look for allies in wheat bran.

However, keep in mind that fiber should be gradually involved in the menu, otherwise it can lead to bloating and constipation, thus worsen the hemorrhoids.

Be sure to eat legumes

Just like fruits and vegetables, legumes also are rich in fiber and magnesium, which is proved against constipation.

Additionally, they have a low glycemic index, which means that are recommended to diabetics or insulin resistance.

Green beans, peas, beans, lentils are ideal foods against hemorrhoid.

The choice is yours, just do not overdo it in consumption, because legumes are known as foods that can trigger flatulence.

Chocolate is not prohibited

If you have hemorrhoid, you can still eat chocolate but only black with at least 75 percent of cocoa.

It is rich in zinc, which can be a good ally in the treatment of varicose veins, and therefore hemorrhoids.

A valuable source of this mineral is the chicken meat without skin.

Chicken meat is a great alternative for the main meal if you are not a fan of fish.

It can also be combined with spinach, which also has the same mineral.

Zinc is found in pumpkin seeds and mushrooms, as well as in chickpea and wheat germ.

It improves digestion and is known as the guardians of the cardiovascular system.

You should know which food is not allowed when you have hemorrhoids.

Of course, there are recipes for natural treating of hemorrhoids.

You can find them on our page “Hemorrhoids natural treatment”.



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