HEMORRHOIDS – Natural treatment


The emergence of hemorrhoids in most cases caused by a wrong lifestyle and poor diet.

The disease affects mainly people who are sitting and moving a little, eat a little fruit and vegetables. The disease initially recognized unbearable itching or pain in the anus.

It`s common bleeding that occurs at the end of defecate.

Here are natural ways to treat hemorrhoids with the help of a few natural resources.

Grappa for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Grappa is a type of brandy distilled from grape and has been known as a natural remedy for many ailments including hemorrhoids.

The method of treatment is very simple but it requires persistence and the effect will not fail.

Every day at least twice a particularly after defecate, rinse the affected area with grappa inflicted on a piece of cotton wool.

Usually one liter of grappa sufficient to achieve a cure, but if it is a severe form of the disease may take a little longer.

Any method of treatment of hemorrhoids requires renunciation of hot and spicy foods and alcohol.

Hemorrhoids can be cured

Comfrey and St. John’s Wort

The combination of the grated root of Comfrey and St. John’s oil, cures hemorrhoids  and relieves pain and other unpleasant symptoms of the disease. This takes at least during the night, to the affected area, keep the lining of these mixtures.

Red radish and his healing properties will help you to solve your problem with hemorrhoids.

Rose hip can also help in prevention and treatments of hemorrhoids.


Grease of the dandelion is a good natural cure for hemorrhoids is being prepared in May of fresh flowers of these plants, as follows:


500 gr. of pig grease warm up to how much is possible. When grease is very hot insert the 40 fresh Dandelion flowers and leave the water to boil once. Then stir and remove from the heat. You need to cover the pot and leave to spend the night at room temperature. The next day just slightly warm the mixture so it can be drained.

Grease for hemorrhoids ointment poured into a suitable container and gently massage the affected area several times a day.

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