Holy Eggplant Cook And Eat Regularly! It Is So Healthy That We Are Not Even Conscious!

Holy Eggplant

Glossy and purple fruits of the Holy eggplant have a unique, agreeable bitter taste, reduce cholesterol and protect against tumors.

Blurred blue to the purple color of thick skin is the most obvious characteristic of eggplant.

Energy and nutritional value of holy eggplant

100 grams of the holy eggplant has 24 kcal of energy and contains:

– 1.01 percent of protein

– 0.19 of fat

– 5.7 percent of carbohydrates

– 3.4 percent of dietary fiber

– 92.4 percent of water

When you cook holy eggplant it has 35 kcal of energy and contains:

– 0.83 percent of protein

– 0.23 percent of fat

– 8.73 percent of carbohydrate

– 2.5 percent of dietary fiber

It is rich in cellulose and stimulates the function of digestive organs.

Also, it contains a significant amount of pectin, which lowers cholesterol.

The holy eggplant is good for the heart because it provides a significant amount of potassium.

Potassium helps in normalization of blood pressure and contains very little fat and calories.

At the same time, it contains saponin, which possesses anti-allergic, anti-oxidative, anti-cancer, and suppressive properties.

As for vitamins and minerals, eggplant is a valuable ingredient because 100 grams of eggplant contains:

– 12 mg of calcium

– 26 mg of phosphorus

– 0.7 mg of iron

– 214 mg of potassium

– 0.05 mg of vitamin B1 and vitamin B2

– 0.6 mg of vitamin PP

– 5 mg of vitamin C

Health benefits of Holy eggplant

Eggplant belongs to a group of plants containing alkaloids such as tomato, potatoes, and sweet peperoncino.

Make sure you know the difference between pepperoncini and banana pepper.

Alkaloids, which otherwise cause nervous interference and digestive problems, are found in low percentage in the eggplant.

Therefore, they are not harmful.

It is important to note that if you cook eggplant, the scaling of alkaloids decreases by 50 percent.

Eggplant also contains important phytonutrients, many of which are antioxidants.

These phytonutrients, except for antioxidants, preserve membrane cells from damaging.

Also, animal studies find that they protect the lipid membrane of brain cells that protect cells from free radicals.

Some studies are linking those phytonutrients with decreasing cholesterol in the blood.

These compounds bind the iron and thus protect the cells from damage and possible tumor formation.

Some of the health benefits of Holy eggplant

– Treatment of gastritis

– It helps to control diabetes

– Can treat rheumatism

– It helps for skin burns

– Can treat sciatica and muscle spasms

– Cure hemorrhoids

– It can regulate body weight

– It eliminate digestive problems

– Decreases the cholesterol level in human blood

Prevent cancer and slow the growth of dangerous tumors

Purchasing and keeping

An unusual blurred purple color of eggplant it a proof that the eggplant is fresh.

The stalk on the top of the vegetable fruit needs to be juicy and firm.

Pay attention to the darker spots because it is a sign that eggplant breaks down from inside.

Choose fruits about 15 cm long.

Keep them in a fridge, in a plastic pot, for a maximum of five days.

Also, keep them away from apples, which produce ethylene and thus affect eggplant aging faster.

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