Home Health The Home Remedy Used 800 Years Ago Protects The Heart And Cleans The Liver!
The Home Remedy Used 800 Years Ago Protects The Heart And Cleans The Liver!

The Home Remedy Used 800 Years Ago Protects The Heart And Cleans The Liver!

This home remedy is easy to prepare, and you need to take just one teaspoon half an hour before meals.

This miraculous home remedy 800 years protects the heart, cleanses the liver and also strengthens the body.

In addition, to all of those health benefits, it also boosts your immune system.

Home remedy recipe

Ingredients that you need for the preparation of the recipe:

– 15 fresh and also organic lemons

– 400 grams of wheat

– 12 cloves of organic garlic

– 400 grams of walnuts

– 1 kilogram of domestic organic honey

Preparation of the recipe:

Place the wheat in the glass jar and pour it with fresh water.

Cover the glass jar with the gauze.

After the wheat has been left for 10-12 hours, strain the mixture through the clean gauze and rinse well with fresh water.

For about 24 hours, it will come up 1-2 millimeter wheat sprouts from the seeds.

Now you can grind your organic garlic, walnuts and wheat sprouts.

Also, you need to grind your 5 lemons (along with the bark).

Then add them to other grinded ingredients.

Squeeze the juice from the other 10 lemons and add juice to the prepared mixture.

On the end, you need to add your organic honey.

Mix all together well and pour into a bigger glass jar.

This home remedy you need to keep always in the fridge.

Do not consume it at this time because the home remedy will be ready for use after three days.

Take 1 to 2 teaspoons of the preparation that you made and consume it 30 minutes before your meals.

Also, you need to consume it 3 times a day before each meal.

Health benefits of this home remedy:

– Prevent cancer

– Cleanse the liver

– Slow down aging process

– Also, protects your cardiovascular system

– It boosts your metabolism

– It boosts your immunity

– Helps in weight loss

– It is good protection against diabetes

– It also helps if you have clogged arteries

Source: www.gnet.org




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