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Homemade Mint Juice! It Helps You With 10 Diseases!

Homemade Mint Juice! It Helps You With 10 Diseases!

Make the Mint juice that will turn you on.

It will soak up your thirst during the heat, but also it will repair your health!

During the winter, the favorite drink of many people is a mint tea.

Mint tea has soft taste, the pleasant smell, but also has the many medicinal properties.

Nevertheless, the blooming season of this amazing refreshing herb – mint, is the summer.

In addition, we present you the perfect way to enjoy this powerful herb and during the summer.

Here, you will learn how you can prepare homemade mint juice to refresh your body.

At the same time, you will have 10 health benefits and healthy body

Health benefits of Mint juice

– Strengthens immunity and prevents the development of bacteria and viruses

– Relaxes the nervous system and the entire body

– It guarantees a calm and good sleep, prevents night sweats

– Helps with the stomach problems (neutralizing pain and acid)

– Reduces symptoms of colds and allergies

– Eliminates bad breath (generally recommended for people suffering from premature episodes and poor tooth quality)

– Improves circulation

– Reduces menstrual symptoms and menopausal symptoms

– Accelerates metabolism of your body and weight loss process

– Provides regular discharging of the intestines

Do you still need some reason to make this tasty, healthy drink – mint juice?

Mint juice recipe

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 2 l of fresh water

– 200 grams of sugar or some other natural sweetener – stevia

– 10 fresh leaves of mint

– 1 lemon

Preparation of the mint juice:

Put water and sugar to boil and when the mixture cools down add the leaves of mint.

Leave it to aside for 24 hours and then add the juice from a lemon.

This healthy and refreshing juice you need to drink when it`s chilled, whenever you feel thirsty during the summer heat.

Share this refreshing juice recipe with your friends and family members.



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