Honey Mix Cinnamon Is An Ancient Healing Combination!

Honey Mix Cinnamon

Honey mix cinnamon, even when it is used completely separately has its healing powers.

A mixture of honey mix cinnamon bears the hallmark health elixir of immortality.

It has always been the spiritual food sages and saints, the bliss of spirit and heavenly gift.

Here is thinking about science.

Formerly it was believed that honey mix cinnamon mixture can be used as a back sight to the blind.

People also believed that this combination can revive the dead.

If it does not, it certainly keeps health, gives vigor, youth and fertility.

Eastern peoples honey mix cinnamon is considered a beneficent gift of nature and the elixir for centuries used for the treatment of almost all diseases and mental conditions.

There is a belief that a man who takes at least several times a month, it cannot be sick.

Scientific studies, which were performed throughout the world including in Japan, the USA, Australia, showed that honey mix cinnamon combined have tremendous healing powers such as the regeneration of the body, raising the body’s resistance and similar things.

Certainly, it was found that honey mix cinnamon, if applied as a combination, has a beneficial effect on the entire body making it more vital and more powerful.

The most recent statistics confirm that significantly prolongs the lifespan.

What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon is obtained from the bark of cinnamon trees (Cinnamomum verum), which grows in Asia, and most are used as a spice.

The Chinese Pharmacopoeia could not be imagined without these herbs.

Cinnamon bark is used to treat colds, cough, stomach cramps, digestive problems, psychological problems and toning the body and essential oils from leaves of this plant are used to treat rheumatism and poor circulation, cellulite, stomach problems, infections, colitis and prevent platelets from sticking together.

Chinese legend says that cinnamon is used Peng Zu, for which there is a belief that it had experienced 888 years.

Then, the rule of cinnamon miraculous wine whose only one drop was sufficient to paint the body in the color of gold and mixed with the brain of the turtle gets magical power and “whoever drinks it can walk on water”.

Honey mix cinnamon is an ancient combination

Below are the most beneficial recipes for healing with honey mix cinnamon, which is a prominent Canadian science magazine Weekly World News.

To strengthen immunity

Honey mix cinnamon used as a mixture, with regular use will strengthen the immune system and effectively protect the body from viruses and bacteria.

For digestion

The use of honey makes stronger the white blood corpuscles and helps them fight against every disease, and cinnamon combined with honey improves digestion.

This takes before meals take two tablespoons of a mixture of honey mix cinnamon to facilitate digestion and the most difficult dishes!

For longevity

Hunza is a tribe who are well aware of the healing properties of honey mix cinnamon.

They enjoy a daily tea of honey mix cinnamon, are experiencing a ripe old age and in this long remain strong and vital and it is this combination.

The scientists say slows down the aging process, prolongs lifespan and makes the skin fresh, soft and vigorous.

The recipe for this is as follows:

– One spoon of cinnamon and four tablespoons of honey boiled in one cup of water.

Divide this mix into four parts and drink during the day (four times daily).

Bone cancer and stomach

Research in Japan has confirmed that a mixture of honey mix cinnamon successfully treats bone cancer and stomach.

This takes daily take one tablespoon of a mixture of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon.

Use this treatment for one month three times a day.

Inflammation of the joints (arthritis)

Every morning and evening, take one cup of hot water which is well involved one teaspoon of cinnamon and two tablespoons of honey.

Long-term therapy can lead to healing and even chronic arthritis!

Against baldness

In hot olive oil, stir in one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon.

Rub this mixture into the hair roots and leave it for fifteen minutes.

For several days, the hair roots will strengthen the hair will stop falling!

Against toothache

You need at least three times a day on the aching tooth applied a blend of honey and cinnamon.

Against cholesterol

Three teaspoons of cinnamon and two tablespoons of a honey stir in 4 dl of tea (the best use of green tea).

Drink three times a day.

At first use, for two hours cholesterol levels will be reduced by ten percent, and after prolonged use can be achieved a complete recovery!


Regular use of honey mix cinnamon reduces the possibility of colds and infections of the bladder.

In one tablespoon, lukewarm honey mixes with a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

Taken three times a day for three days and colds will disappear.

In this way, is more successful cysts and sinuses and cures a chronic cough.

Bladder infection

Stir honey – one teaspoon and cinnamon powder – two tablespoons in 2 dl of lukewarm water and drink it.

This mixture will cleanse the bladder and destroy bacteria.

Heart, nervousness, and abdominal pain

Honey mix cinnamon for breakfast.

If you regularly eat breakfast bread smeared with a mixture of equal parts of honey mix cinnamon will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, stomach pain, stomach ulcers, and gases.

Fight fatigue

One-half tablespoon of honey and a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon whisk in 2 dl of water.

Drink in the morning on an empty stomach and in the afternoon during the week.

During this time, the body will restore strength and vitality.

Pimples and skin infections

It is proved that honey mix cinnamon can prevent and stop creating, eczema, pimples and similar infections of the skin if the person is regularly treated with a mixture of equal parts of honey mix cinnamon.

Anti-acne interfere three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon.

Apply to the affected places every night before bedtime.

For weight loss

Maybe a little strange sounds or honey mix cinnamon can serve as a tool for weight loss.

A Mix equal parts of honey mix cinnamon boiled in a glass of water, do not allow the fat to accumulate in the body.

For that, you need to drink twice a day for one cup of coffee in the morning half an hour before meals and at night half an hour before bedtime.


Every morning, gargle with warm water in which involved one tablespoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of honey.

For better hearing

To fix the hearing every morning and every evening, take a mix of equal parts of honey with cinnamon.