Honey Mix Walnut! 10 Recipes For Healing Your Body! (RECIPE)

Honey Mix Walnut

Honey mix walnut can recover the body and help you to cure some stubborn forms of the disease.

In this article, we bring you ten honey mix walnut recipes for healing the whole body.

This time of year it`s good to use honey mix walnut combination to recover your health and body.

Walnuts are a real health treasure trove of, full of antioxidants and nutrients.

Collect them and use them to improve your overall health and brain power.

From these nutritious foods you can make masterpieces in the kitchen, or the medication that will keep your health all year round.

Some of these honey mix walnut recipes you can prepare at any time.

On the other hand for some honey mix walnut recipes, you need to wait for spring or the next season.

Honey mix walnut recipes

Honey mix walnut for better fertility and potency

Walnut is a natural aphrodisiac, contains vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.

These vitamins give the body energy and are vital elements which are essential for the development of the sex glands.

It is rich in zinc, which is important for normal sexual activity and prostate operation.

It has enhanced activity in combination with honey, which also is rich in substances important for male reproductive health.

All over the world, people know that pharmaceutical compositions cannot compare the effectiveness of this natural combination.

In the equal ratio mix ground walnuts with chestnut honey and eat three tablespoons of mixture 3 times a day.

In order to achieve the desired effects, therapy should last at least 20 to 30 days.

This mixture is also effective if you have high blood pressure or headaches.

A mixture against anemia

With this combination, you can fight against anemia and exhaustion.

Prepare a mixture of 1 pound of meadow honey, 1pound of ground walnuts and 1 lemon.

All mix well and take one teaspoon every 3-4 hours.

Walnut milk versus stomach ulcers

Walnut milk is a drug that promotes healing for ulcers in the stomach.

To prepare the milk pour 2 dl of boiling water over 20 grams of crushed walnuts.

Shake well, strain and add a tablespoon of honey.

Before each meal take five to six small scoop of walnut milk.

Green walnuts for Thyroid gland

These young green nuts are very rich in the important building elements for thyroid gland hormones – iodine and tyrosine.

Clinical studies reveal that green walnut oil significantly increases the level of thyroxine.

This recipe from green walnuts is very popular in the natural treatment of hypothyroidism.

In the equal ratio, mix ground green walnuts (size like hazelnut) with honey.

Leave in the dark for 30 days.

Take one teaspoon a day.

Traditional Russian tincture against all types of tumors

Grind 150 grams of valerian root, 50 gr. of birch buds and 50 gr. of nutmeg, pour 1/2 liter of brandy or vodka and add 150 gr. of green walnuts shells.

Leave to rest for ten days in a dark place.

Take 15 drops of tincture in 1 oz of water, three times a day, half an hour before your meals to prevent and treat tumors.

Recipe against vitiligo

Collect your green walnuts before ripening.

Coat vitiligo parts with the inner part of the shell of a walnut.

3 days coat the same place of vitiligo parts and do not rinse that places with water.

You can freeze and store green walnuts until next season.

Tea made from young leaves of walnut for cleaning blood

Tea made from young leaves of the walnut people use as a blood cleanser.

It`s an excellent ingredient against skin diseases, diabetes, jaundice, hemorrhoids, parasites, and arthritis.

Due to the low share of sodium, it`s recommending to patients with kidney problems.

First, you need to dry walnut leaves.

Prepare tea as follows: put 2 tablespoons of walnut leaves in two ounces of cold water and boil all together for five minutes.

Cover the mixture and leave aside for fifteen minutes and strain.

You can drink two to three cups per day.

Wraps from walnut fringe against bleeding

Two handful walnut fringes put in a liter of boiling water and leave for ten minutes.

This lotion you can use for lining against bleeding, hemorrhoids and for a vaginal wash.

Powder to strengthen the body and wound healing

Grind the dried green fruit of walnut.

To strengthen the body, disinfecting, and wound healing, you need to take 2 teaspoons of powder mix with liquid.

For external wraps mix 4 teaspoons of this powder in tea from milfoil and apply to the wound.

Syrup of fresh young leaves for healthy skin

Soak the young leaves in the same weight with alcohol and let sit together for the next 48 hours.

Add enough honey to get a thick syrup.

Take one tablespoon before meals.

By using these healthy honey mix walnut recipes you can help and improve your health and body.

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