Honey Wrap! Cures Strong Cough And Removes Mucus From The Lungs In Just One Night! Especially Efficient At Children!

Honey Wrap

A honey wrap is natural and the magnificent remedy.

People use honey wrap in treating illnesses of the respiratory tract and is also used in treating colds.

Honey wrap remedy is especially efficient and is used in children.

This honey wrap is the best remedy for you – especially for children and can eliminate your bad cough in just one night.

As you know honey has a very high biological activity especially with the coating.

This natural ingredient can discard a slippery secretion – mucus.

Mucus is usually accompanied by severe coughing attacks.

Honey wrap – recipe

Ingredient you need:

Raw honey

– Raw vegetable oil

– Flour

– Gauze

– Napkin

Band – Aid adhesive tape

Preparation of honey wrap:

The first thing that you need to do is to mix a small amount of honey with flour.

Mix until you get a mixture that will not stick to the hands.

This mixture you will use for the compress.

Add to the mixture some vegetable oil and roll it in flour once again.

When the mixture is ready, place the mixture on a napkin and wrap a napkin in gauze.

Attach this honey wrap onto your back or your chest by using band – aid adhesive tape.

Now you can put on the pajamas.

NOTE: don`t place the honey wrap on the heart area.

This compress needs to be slightly above the heart.

The best time to put honey wraps to your child is before bedtime or while your child is sleeping.

You should leave compress for about 2 – 3 hours.

For adults is a little bit different.

They can keep compress during all night.

If adults like a slightly stronger effect, they can add a small amount of mustard powder.

It`s recommended to put some protection on the sheets because it`s likely that you will start sweating.

This honey wrap remedy will do wonders for the health.

It has a slight warming effect and very good anti-inflammatory activity.

You can have visible positive signs in the initial stage of your illness without any side effects.

In addition, you will feel and get a significant relief just after the first compress.

You should repeat this for several days if you like to get all benefits of this treatment.

When to use a honey wrap?

It`s mainly used to treat coughing.

You can use this wrap for children older than six months.

NOTE: Don`t use this remedy if you or your children have some allergies, skin disease or injury of the skin.

Source: keepyourbody.com

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