Home Health Horseradish Is Worthy Of Dry Gold! How To Cure The Whole Body! (RECIPES)
Horseradish Is Worthy Of Dry Gold! How To Cure The Whole Body! (RECIPES)

Horseradish Is Worthy Of Dry Gold! How To Cure The Whole Body! (RECIPES)

Have you ever heard of a saying, “The radish is worthy like lead, the turnip as silver, and the horseradish as gold?”

Read all about health benefits of horseradish.

In addition, you’ll know why you’ve been dealing with plant worth as precious noble metal since ancient times!

Horseradish is a perennial plant of green leaves, white roots, and bitter taste.

Its origin is from the Mediterranean and from Western Asia.

Most commonly people use the root of horseradish in the preparing meals.

However, do you know that young leaves from this plant are extremely tasty and slightly piquant?

Why use horseradish?

Inside its composition, this plant contains vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.

That`s why horseradish is exceptionally valuable as a herbal remedy, apart from gourmet.

Its health benefits were known also by the ancient Greek – even in the early 1500’s, they used it to relieve back pain.

It is an essential addition to a variety of foods, especially with oily foods, as it helps to digest it easier.

In addition, it`s cleaning the organism, accelerates metabolism, eliminates fatigue, and is most recommended for diabetics.

It also promotes the reproduction and development of useful bacteria in the crevices.

The juice from this plant is destroying the bacteria of dysentery, salmonella, tuberculosis, as well as many parasitic fungi in humans and plants.

In addition, it improves the digesting function by stimulating the secretion of stomach, intestinal, bile and pancreas enzymes.

Horseradish also stimulates the work of liver, heart, and circulation, and is a great diuretic and helps with rheumatism.

The fresh root from this plant you can use throughout the year.

You can temporary bury it in a damp tank or kept in the basement.

If you have a bigger root, you can grind the required amount.

Then wrap the rest in the aluminum foil and keep it in the fridge in the vegetable box.

If you want your grinded root to stay fresh and after three weeks, mix it with one teaspoon of sugar and 4 tablespoons of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and keep it in the fridge.

Read more about its health benefits against cancer, weight loss, etc, on our page for horseradish.

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