Hot Water Is The Cheapest Drug In The World! One Cup A Day Is Recovering The Body! (RECIPE)

Hot Water

Experts say that the hot water helps the sickest patients when they use it properly.

In the East, the use of hot drinking water is a normal habit.

In Russia, Ukraine and similar countries “kipjatok” people constantly keep hot water in a samovar and they drink it instead of cold water.

The countries like Japan, China, India and the like, hot water and other hot drinks are also common.

This is part of a tradition thousands of years old.

If people follow and keep some habit from generation to generation, we can assume that that is useful for some reason.

Why boil water?

The purpose of the cooking water is multifaceted.

First of all, cooking can destroy microorganisms and promotes the deposition of chemical impurities from the water.

Whenever you boil the ordinary water (let it boil for 5 minutes), after cooling you can find sludge waste and harmful substances.

So, the first result of cooking water is a microbiological and chemical quality of water.

Another purpose of boiling is more subtle but equally important.

Water is the solvent in numerous and various biochemical reactions that are permanently occurring in the body.

Water and fire are underlying the chemistry, primarily biochemistry.

The “fire” called agni

The name for all metabolic processes in our body is the Pitta Dosha.

The literal translation of the word “Pitta” is “acid”, as the word indicates digestion and biochemical processes.

According to Ayurveda, Pitta dosha is composed of fire and water.

A particular part of this is Agni, which means “fire” – translated from Sanskrit.

It represents the fire of the digestive system and is responsible for the digestion of all that man eat, drink, smell, hear, see, touch, etc.

Agni transforms everything that comes to mind and body.

Boiling involves agni in water

When we drink unboiled water, our inner Agni must digest all bacteria, parasites, mold spores and that the water contains.

If the agni is weak, there is a disease.

That’s why a lot of Westerners can get dysentery soon as they arrive in India.

On the other hand, if external Agni destroys these unwanted substances, the disease does not occur.

Now it is clear why you need to cook the water and food.

Earlier, while people cook on an open fire, it was visible to the naked eye.

The “cooking fire” or agni is introduced in the cooked stuff.

Boiled water has excess agni, and therefore, are more easily digested in the body and encourages the immune system.

Regular use of boiled water strengthens the immune system, strength, and energy.

This is especially important for people who are already sick.

When will hot water help?

In general, we can say that all diseases are due to the accumulation of body toxins.

When agni is strong, useful components of food are absorbed and will participate in the normal development of the tissue.

In addition, useless components are eliminated through bowel and urine.

However, when the Agni is bad, a part of the food it is not absorbed, and therefore, is not ejected.

The part of food decays in the intestines and produces a sticky substance odor, which is called “ama”.

The accumulation of “ama” in different parts of the body lies in the basis of each illness.

Therefore, Ayurveda for various diseases is recommending the use of boiled, hot water.

This you can usually notice in the case of high temperature.

In acute conditions, when the high temperature is the result of a cold or flu, Ayurveda prescribes that we need to use water prepared in relation half – half.

So, boil a liter of water until remain half of the water, and then put in a thermos – vacuum flask.

You can quickly cure fever if the patient drinks 1 -2 sips of this hot water every half an hour.

Of course, water should not be hot to burn the tongue, but hot, like tea.

You need to boil water until is 75 percent of the initial quantity.

Regular use of this hot water is recommended for all chronic and stubborn diseases such as asthma, arthritis, colitis, migraine, sinusitis, angina pectoris, other heart conditions, cellulite, obesity, etc.

The recipe for deep treatment

At the same time, if you suffer from chronic fever, it indicates that the “ama” is deep and inside in the tissues.

Then you need to use a famous ayurvedic recipe – sharangpani.

This hot water is boiled until is 2/5 of the total initial quantity.

With cooking reduce 1 liter of water to 0.4 liters and give the patient to drink.

In this therapy, the patient put into the body nothing else but clean water, and the treatment may last up to three days.

It is depending on the patient’s strength and disease.

Such therapy you need conduct only under medical supervision.

Strong agni – a healthy man

Agni is the basis of the autoimmune system and devouring all the harmful substances that are stored endanger our bodies.

Thos harmful substances are microorganisms, toxins, body waste, emotions, climatic influences, and more.

People with strong agni will better protect their body from diseases.

On the other hand, weak agni can lead to the accumulation of dangerous and harmful substances in our body and then to a lot of acute and also chronic diseases.

All of those above are good to know and use in our everyday healthy life.


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