How Properly Prepare Turkish Coffee! Try The Old Way!

Turkish Coffee

Do you know the old way to prepare Turkish coffee and also how properly prepare it?

In addition, find out how and what are the most common mistakes that we literally kill the original taste of the coffee.

There is also something special in Turkish coffee!

Nowadays, we rarely drink this coffee in the bars and we mostly drink it at home.

Therefore, we remind you how the queen of all the coffee is properly figured out!

How properly prepare Turkish coffee

First and also the basic, for a good Turkish coffee, it is necessary to have a good mix.

Therefore, do not save on it – drink it from pleasure, not from needing!

Secondly, many people do not know that for this type of coffee it is not good to put coffee in the boiled water!

You also need to know that the best coffee is when you make it in the cooper cezve.

In the cezve, you need to cook coffee just before the water is boiled.

One part of the water you also need to put out of the cezve.

Then you can add coffee to the rest (one rich scoop for each cup and also you can put more if you love a very strong coffee).

Mix coffee in the water, then return to the fire and also when it comes to the edges of the cezve remove it from the fire.

Now you can also add the water that you initially remove.

Return to the hot ring again and also let it boil for one moment.

Remove from the heat, wait a few seconds and also add one teaspoon of cold water.

Then the Turkish coffee is ready for service!

Basic mistakes in coffee preparation:

– Too much stirring also kills the taste

– In addition, do not allow for coffee rising several times because that destroys the foam and also changes the taste of coffee

– The stirring after the coffee is cooked, boiled, and also removed from the cezve will also change the taste of a favorite morning coffee

– Also, if coffee is sweetened, it is best to add sugar when the water is cold in the cezve, before adding coffee

Try it to cook your coffee in this way and you will also find out how much the taste is different – better!

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