How To Activate Weight Loss Hormones!

Weight Loss Hormones

Weight loss is a very difficult task for some people and also a confusing puzzle, however, if you are able to activate the weight loss hormones, you will soon be able to solve this puzzle.

As you know, hormones are also responsible for regulating our body weight.

In addition, we find you 6 ways to activate weight loss hormones and also accelerate your metabolism.

How to activate weight loss hormones

– 1. Reduce the craving for food by eating saturated food

Some food also saturates us more from the other.

You will notice this not only by feeling fullness in the stomach and also by how long you will be saturated after the meal.

In addition, it will pass a long time until you want to eat again.

Hormone-responsible weight control responsible for the sense of satiety is called leptin.

Healthy foods rich in proteins are also an excellent way to feed your body and activate leptin to feel longer saturated.

Leptin also tells the brain that you’re no longer hungry and you stop being eaten.

Research shows that when you increase protein intake also with physical activity in energy-controlled nutrition, you improve body weight control.

In addition, the study shows that protein consumption increases the sense of satiety and also helps people lose weight.

However, at the same time, they do not lose muscle mass.

– 2. Build muscle mass

The same hormone that increases muscle mass in bodybuilders may be also the key to weight loss in you.

The hormone testosterone is present in both men and also women.

In addition, you can increase its level by lifting weights.

Also, the higher the new testosterone, the easier it is to lose weight because the muscles burn fat.

You need to lift weights with enough weight and also with enough repetition.

In addition, you will feel the muscles up and also you will see results quickly.

If you do not have tensions, you can also activate this hormone easily while raising your baby.

You can also carry 4 full bags of food or a pack of milk from the car in the kitchen.

– 3. Do not skip breakfast

In the morning, you really activate weight loss hormones by interrupting the night fasting.

While you are sleeping, your body is in fasting and also burns a bit of calorie.

That is doing while processing daytime information through dreams and also fears.

Heart rate and also breathing are slow, which means that your metabolism is slow as you relax.

To lighten your body and also to trigger your metabolism, start the day with plant protein sources.

In addition, you need to add plant fat sources and also carbohydrates.

However, do not exceed 800 calories and let the carbohydrate intake in the meal be less than the share of protein and fat.

– 4. Burn fats while sitting

Thyroid hormone that also affects weight loss produces a gland butterfly-shaped.

In other words, that is thyroid gland.

Examination of obesity is by studying thyroid function by measuring thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and also thyroxine (T4).

Examination in obese children before and after weight loss has also shown that a small weight loss leads to a decrease in hormone levels T3 and T4.

In addition, reducing these hormones leads to more efficient metabolism while resting.

Also, that is leading to further weight loss.

You just need to lose only 5 kg, to activate the thyroid hormones and after that also to lose weight.

– 5. Quality sleeping

The level of leptin hormone also depends on whether you are sleeping for 6-8 hours each night.

In addition, if you do not have enough sleeping, the leptin level decreases.

Therefore, you will also have a greater desire for food and energy to compensate for the lack of rest.

Also, your body reasoning that if you are tired, it means you need energy in the form of food.

Also, the level of the leptin hormone is not high enough to tell your brain that you’re not really hungry.

– 6. Yoga breathing

Focused breathing practiced by yoga masters also changes the level of adrenal gland hormone responsible for weight loss.

In addition, a study in which researchers asked participants to breathe through one nostril while the other closed, 27 respiratory cycles, repeating this 4 times a day for a month, shows that the participants accelerate metabolism.

At the same time, they also accelerate oxygen consumption during the rest by 37%.

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