How To Check And How Many Eggs You Can Eat Daily! Important To Know!


Eggs are a very tasty and nutritious meal.

They contain protein and also a large number of vitamins and minerals.

In addition, they can completely replace meat.

They are easy to prepare and also relatively low in calories.

You can prepare an egg in many ways.

The cooked egg is more usable, while the roasted loses a certain amount of proteins.

The cooked egg is easier to digest and the roasted egg is harder to digest.

Important to know about eggs

How to check if the egg is fresh?

Put the fresh egg in a glass with water.

If it falls to the bottom or the top of the egg is turn up, it’s fresh.

If the egg is floating on the top, you need to throw it away because it’s spoiled.

Also, you can use an egg that stays somewhere in the middle of the water, though it`s not completely fresh.

How to keep eggs?

You can keep fresh egg about four to five weeks.

In addition, the eggshell is also “the first line of defense”, therefore, be careful not to crush it.

In addition, egg with the broken shell is not for eating.

At the same time, the hard-cooked egg can spoil quicker than the fresh one.

That is because when you cook an egg you also destroy a protective layer of the shell.

In that way, you open the pores on the shell and opening them you allow entering the bacteria.

Two hours after cooking, you need to put an egg in the fridge – so it can stay fresh up to a week.

How many eggs a day should we eat?

Middle-aged men that are eating seven or more eggs weekly are at a higher risk of dying earlier than their peers who do not eat the same quantity.

At the same time, diabetics who eat one egg each week are at a higher risk of death.

The doctors from Harvard Medical University claim that men who have no diabetes can eat up to six eggs per week.

In that way, they do not increase the risk of premature death.

In addition, the Harvard team studied medical reports by 21,327 US physicians who participated in a comprehensive medical healthcare study.

The doctors have been following for twenty years since 1981 and regularly provided information about their condition and also a lifestyle.

Over the course of two decades 1,550 respondents suffered a heart attack, 1,342 suffered a stroke and died about 5,000.

It was found that those who ate seven or more eggs per week were at risk of dying during this twenty-second period by more than 23 percent, and also diabetics who eat one egg have a twice bigger risk of dying for any cause, especially from a heart attack or stroke.

Eggs are rich in cholesterol.

Therefore, when you consume them in larger quantities, can cause clogged arteries.

At the same time, they can increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

However, Dr. Robert Eckel of the Colorado University says the egg is like any other food – neither good nor bad.

Therefore, you do not need to throw an egg out of the diet.

Among other health benefits, it is an excellent ingredient against stress, because they supply the body with fat.

In addition, it is good for immunity because it`s one of the rare food that supply the body with vitamin D.

Also, one egg per day covers 26 percent of the need for folic acid.

At the same time this ingredient:

– Stimulates brain functions

– Strengthens vision

– Slows down aging

– Also, strengthens sexuality

People without health problems can eat eggs without worry, while people with elevated cholesterol levels need to consult a doctor.

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