How To Properly Cut Your Toenails! Avoid Pain, And Ugly Look!


Most people have a problem with ingrown toenails on their feet.

In addition, ingrown toenails can be the problem of causing of, pain, and also ugly looks.

That`s why you need to avoid the wrong way to cut and also to learn how to properly cut your toenails.

Respect a few basic rules on how to cut your toenails


Little scissors and also nail clippers must be sharp because if they are dull, there is a possibility of incorrectly breaking.

For nails on the legs, which are mostly firmer and also thicker, you need to use firmer nail clippers.


Also, you need to cut nails on the feet every six to eight weeks to avoid too long nails.

Too long nails can crack at the root, when walking and also knocking on something.

That can be very painful and also ugly feeling.


The length of the nail you shorten is also important.

If it is too short, it is also possible to get the ingrown nail.

In addition, if it is too long, as it is already written, nail injuries are possible.

Also, you need to cut your nails 1 to 2 millimeters longer than the edge of your toes.


Another way of preventing ingrown toenail is also the way of cutting.

You need to cut your nails horizontally and also not in the semicircle.

Also, it is by no means desirable that nails in the corners are too short.

The edge of nails needs to be slightly longer than your toes in the center and also in the corners.


Some people cut nails after bathing, and that’s fine for people who have very thick and also hard nails on their feet.

In addition, everyone else needs to cut them when they are dry, to avoid bending their nails down.


And finally, when finishing the nail, it is also very important to align the nails with the nail file because the edges after cutting are known to be very sharp.

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