How To Strengthen The Bone Marrow Without Any Medication! This Method Radically Corrects Bone Health For Several Weeks!

Bone Marrow

The function of fat in the bone marrow in the human body is still a puzzle, however, the experts have come up with promising results.

It is well known to all of us that the exercises are burning of fatty deposits.

Also, do you know that is burning fat that is stored in your bones?!

Scientists from the Faculty of Medicine in Severn Karolina published the results of the study in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, which are the first evidence that physical activity can burn fat within the bone marrow.

“This process radically improves bones for only a few weeks,” the scientists say.

Bone marrow information

Why exercise is so well for the bones

One of the main conclusions is that exercise is not good, but excellent for bone health.

Also, in a very short time scientists notice that running significantly” built “the bones in mice.”

Mice and humans use the same type of stem cells to produce both fat and also bones.

A research on mice cannot be used as a precision predictor for human bones but that this is a brilliant and also promising sign.

Nowadays, we see a lot of patients with very bad bone health.

“Our study analysis has shown that bone quality and also strength is significantly improved by people who exercise,” Dr. Styner said.

Fat in the bone marrow and their function

The function of fat in the bone marrow in the human body is still a puzzle.

Nowadays, there is a great interest in examining bone marrow fat.

In addition, this tissue of our body is closely linked to diseases caused by poor bone density.

Since exercise significantly affects the entire body, scientists have decided to explore and influence fat in the bone marrow.

Through the study half of the mice gave unlimited access to the cage-wheel running, while others were restricted from a physical activity.

After 6 weeks, they found a significant reduction in fat cells and bone marrow fat levels in mice that had a lot of physical activity.

Also, they found that mice that had been running a lot had apparently stronger and thicker bones.


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