How To Survive A Heart Attack While You Are Alone – You Should Know This!

Survive a Heart Attack

Survive a Heart Attack

Just a few things are scarier than having a heart attack especially if you alone at the time.

When heart attack symptoms begin, problems can develop rapidly and your reaction should be quick.

You need to be prepared because that can be the difference between your life and death.

To survive a heart attack is likely the best technique you can master.

It can save your life or life of another person.

Survive a heart attack while you are alone

80% of deaths of heart attacks are cases when someone was alone, incapable of asking or call for help or didn`t know how to survive a heart attack.

Here we will present to you some tips that will enhance your chances of surviving if you have a heart attack when you are alone.

Know the symptoms to survive a heart attack

It`s crucial to know the warning signals.

Your early treatment of a heart attack within the first hours can decrease a damage was done to your heart and save a life.

Chest pain is the major sign of a heart attack.

You can also start to feel a sharp pain at your chest spreading to the jaw and arm.

Other symptoms are:

– Extreme weakness

– A fast heartbeat

– Dizziness

– Sweating


– Nausea

– Shortness of breath

From the moment that you think you have a heart attack, it can be just 15 sec. to survive a heart attack before you lose consciousness.

If it`s a case that your symptoms last longer and appear slowly then you have more time to go in the nearest hospital and ask for medical help.

However don`t wait with procedure and risk to survive a heart attack.

You must begin coughing as hard as you can.

Take a deep breath and start coughing deeply. You need to cough continuously.

Every 2 sec. take a deep breath and cough until your heart begin beating normally or you get help from someone.

Breathing deep will bring oxygen to your body movements and lungs during coughing.

Press your chest at the heart area.

It will help you to restore normal rhythm and regulate circulation.

Use your phone or ask someone for help while you are doing the procedure to survive a heart attack.

Remember, DO NOT STOP COUGHING while you are doing all of that. Your life depends from coughing.

According to medical statistics, people who have practiced this procedure, have successfully got help from someone or reached the hospital.

However, this procedure is not scientifically proven but doctors propose of doing that at the first sign of a heart attack.

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