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Hyssop For Recovery After Stroke, Susceptible Lungs, And Infections!

Hyssop For Recovery After Stroke, Susceptible Lungs, And Infections!

The Hyssop, herbaceous herb (Hyssopus officinalis), in folk medicine people use to clean the body from outside.

This herb was known as a “remedy for all diseases”, and the Greeks and Jews considered it sacred.

Although nowadays people forget hyssop, this medicated herb also has more healthy properties.

In the 17th century, it was scattered in the patient’s room because it was believed to prevent the spread of the infection.

It was also used for the purification of temples.

The flowers and also leaves of this plant people use to alleviate the discomfort of the breathing pathways, especially bronchitis.

The origin of this herb has a connection to the Caucasus, Northwest Iran, and also South Europe.

In Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Finland, Romania, Hungary and also Albania, people use this herb for the production of essential oil.

In addition, in folk medicine, people use this herb in a dry form.

Hyssop health benefits

For food and drink

In addition, to being medicinal, the flowers and also leaves of this plant are edible.

People use them as a spice for salads and soups, but also for different meals.

This herb you can add to fatty foods for easy digestion, and also you can use as a supplement in various teas and liqueurs.

From this herb, people make an extremely high-quality essential oil.

Hyssop essential oil perfectly matched to the essential oil of lavender, sage, rosemary, and also camphor.

Other health benefits:

– It is a natural remedy for colic – colon

– Can treat abdominal cramps

– Eliminate flatulence

– Treat upset stomach

– Lowering the blood pressure

– Stimulate menstruation

– It can help in PMS

– Treating of helminthic infections

Hyssop oil for a massage after stroke

Put the handful of fresh flowers and also leaves of this herb into half a liter of olive oil.

Let it stand in the sun for a week.

The resulting oil can people use to massage the seized extremities after the stroke.

In addition, the resulting essential oil is brilliant against night sweats and susceptible lungs.

To achieve the desired effect, you should drink 15 to 20 drops of water, or even better, with aniseed tea.

Source: www.herbal-supplement-resource.com



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