Home Health If You Are Sitting Almost All Day, You Have To Be Fed This Way!
If You Are Sitting Almost All Day, You Have To Be Fed This Way!

If You Are Sitting Almost All Day, You Have To Be Fed This Way!

If you work in the office, computer, counter, or just about any job that is not physically, then you can hardly avoid eight hours of sitting from day to day.

Namely, the person who sits longer is hungrier, prone to more frequent inflammation, increased blood pressure, and elevated sugar.

That is why healthy eating is very important.

If you are sitting constantly, you also need to include the following foods in my menu!

– 1. Berries

Nowadays, if you regularly eat berries, you can reduce the inflammatory processes in your body.

The reason for this is the flavonoids that the berries contain.

In addition, it is best to eat some tasty fruit rich in valuable ingredients in the morning.

– 2. Nuts

In nuts, like walnuts, there are also lots of omega-3 fatty acids.

Almonds also contain a lot of antioxidants and also vitamin E.

It protects the cells and also keeps the skin intact so that the skin is always healthy.

– 3. Pineapple

There is also a lot of bromelain in the pineapple, which acts as an anti-inflammatory.

– 4. Olive oil

Olive oil is a real magic weapon – it acts anti-inflammatory and also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

– 5. Turmeric

This orange spice is not only good for its appearance.

In addition, turmeric is extremely healthy and an anti-inflammatory.

– 6. Garlic

These little parts of garlic are an aromatic addition to various dishes.

However, they successfully fight inflammation.

Garlic also regulates the level of sugar and fat in the blood.

– 7. Fatty fish

The fish, such as salmon or herring, contain also a lot of omega-3 fatty acids.

Our body needs omega-3 fatty acids for important processes of matter exchange.

As you know our body cannot produce them in sufficient quantity.

That is why we need to add them to our healthy diets.

– 8. Avocado

Avocado also falls into very oily fruit.

However, you don`t need to remove avocado from the menu.

Namely, avocado contains unsaturated fatty acids.

They are maintaining muscle cell health and also are effectively fighting fats in the stomach.


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