All illnesses Start From Intestinal Toxins! The First Symptoms That Your Body Is Full Of Toxins!

Intestinal Toxins

Hippocrates has already discovered that the root of all health problems starts with the intestinal toxins.

Experts have calculated that the average person in his 70th year eats as many as 100 tons of different foods and also drinks about 40,000 liters of liquidity.

However, at least one fifth make up foods that our body cannot digest and, at the same time use as energy.

In addition, this waste accumulates in the body.

Intestinal parasites are causing health problems

Ingredients and fo0d that is difficult to digest:

– Excess sugar

– Refined cereals

– Fried foods

– Also fatty foods


– Caffeine

– Processed foods with the addition of a series of chemicals to extend the lifespan and boost the taste

Fast foods

– Dry foods that do not contain enough fiber

– Also, raw foods that are difficult to digest

Nowadays, those are just part of the list of foods that load the organism.

All this has to be related to the fact that a lot of people drink too little water.

As you know, drinking enough water is important for digestion, metabolism and also the release of toxins from the body.

In addition, we have the habit of unhealthy eating, i.e. skipping meals.

Of course, that may be a cause for slowing down the metabolism.

Therefore, it is no surprise that during all the years, intestines accumulate about 15 kilos of toxic waste.

Those intestinal toxins we need to dispose of from the body.

In that way, we will stop the cause and also the development of the dangerous diseases.

Nowadays, numerous doctors and nutritionists support Hippocrates.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that weakened intestinal walls can lead to microbes, poisons, and also undigested foods flush into the bloodstream and trigger inflammatory processes.

Today, for example, it is well known that weak and permeable intestines can cause:

– Digestive disorders

– Flatulence – bloating

– Gases

– Diarrhea

In addition, it can also cause autoimmune disorders such as:


– Asthma

– Arthritis

– As well as mental blockage

– Various skin inflammation (eczema and acne)

– Also can cause many more serious problems

Long-term consumption of fatty foods and also hard-wearing foods, with too much sugar, as well as too much alcohol, can lead to a liver disease.

This liver disease is known as fatty liver, as well as the appearance of stones in the bile.

Liver problems can lead to:

– Frequent nausea

– Frequent vomiting

– Pain in the area of the stomach

– Fatigue around the waist

– Also skin problems – from scarring to the skin color change, or characteristic yellowish tenaciousness

Intestinal toxins in the body can also lead to:

Polycystic ovary syndrome

– Problems with the functioning of the thyroid gland

– Also to chronic kidney disease

Common signs that you have a lot of intestinal toxins:

Acne and bad complexion

Processed foods such as salami, sauces, ready meals and the like, as well as foods with added sugar, can cause inflammatory processes on the skin,

That is often seen as tired skin full of impurities and acne.

Along with a change in diet, keep in mind that the pillow on which you are sleeping is clean.

In addition, you can find a skin cleanser with the appropriate pH value.

Chronic fatigue and moodiness

Chronic fatigue and lack of concentration is also a sure sign that your body is overloaded with toxins.

If you awake with difficulties early in the morning, or you feel sleepy during the day, it is a typical sign that acidity prevails in the body.

Therefore, your body needs detoxification.

If this condition is neglected, it can cause serious disorders in the body.

Frequent headaches

If you’re out and drinking more alcohol, it’s almost certain you wake up with a headache in the morning.

A headache is one of the signs that your body is burdened with toxins.

This will happen especially if you repeat often and it lasts for longer time.

This is usually not a severe headache, but an unpleasant and also a painful pain.

It is similar to a headache that occurs when is high humidity in the air.

This headache does not pass until we take a rest and move away from unhealthy food or drink.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain usually occurs as a symptom of inflammation that has arisen as a reaction to the accumulation of intestinal toxins.

It can be a pain in the neck, back or wrist, pain due to inflammation of the urinary tract, kidney, etc.

Most often it is a “silent” pain that warns us that something is wrong.

Sleeping Problems

A sign of accumulated intestinal toxins can be also:

– If you go to bed for a long time and you cannot sleep

– Wake up in the middle of the night and also you cannot sleep until the morning

In addition, to solve sleeping problems you need:

– A lot more physical activity

– Daytime running

– Also a warm bath overnight – you can add some relaxing oil

An unpleasant scent of body and breath

When your body is clogged with intestinal toxins and cannot throw them out, this can be reflected through the unpleasant smell and also unpleasant scent of the body.

The poor odor is the result of bacteria and toxins that are picked up in the tongue.

An unpleasant smell is created because the poisons through sweat evaporate through the skin.

The common cause is too much fast food and also too much sugar in the diet.

Allergies and rash

Sometimes you consume something that your body does not recognize or experience as an attack on the immune system.

Then you can get rash, dandruff, skin stain and also redness.

Try to keep a diary of nutrition and find out which foods you are responding to that.

In addition, you will need to reduce consumption of those foods.

If these reactions occur frequently, be sure to visit the doctor to determine the cause and determine which foods to avoid.

Lack of energy and depression

If you treat your body as a “trash can”, that will also reflect on your mood.

Lack of energy, fatigue, headaches and also poor concentration leads you to feel bad.

That is because your body does not function as it should.

With a change of habit and nutrition, consider also whether you are doing a job that is happy to you.

Also, if you can choose what kind of people are around you.

Get away from those who are most dissatisfied, frustrated, and also angry.

Those people steal your energy.

Hormone imbalance and weak libido

The bad and also unhealthy habits and foods we have listed should also add to all the causes of the poisoning of the organism we are not aware of.

These are the various types of chemicals that we indirectly enter into the body.

For example, you’ve probably already heard that plastic bottles with no BPA free label should be avoided.

This is indicating that the bottle is not treated with chemicals.

BPA is known as Bisphenol A, a chemical that acts as a synthetic estrogen.

It can be the food or liquid that is stored in the treated plastic.

This is just one of the examples as we can also unconsciously be exposed to chemicals.

Eye bags and tired eyes

If you do not sleep enough, you are poorly fed and also exposed to increased stress you may see some subtle signs of intestinal toxins.

Blurred eyes and very pronounced eyelashes are one of the signs that you should look for help.

Make sure you increase your water intake and take time to rest.

In any case, you need also check the condition of the kidneys.

It may be a sign of kidney dysfunction.

A stomach you cannot remove

Maybe you have pronounced fat deposits around your stomach and you cannot get rid of weight.

It is a sign of a disturbed pH balance in the body.

In that situation, you need to alkalize the body.

One way is to increase the intake of liquids, and also use alkaline foods.

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