Home Health Increase The Amount Of Vitamin D Even 100 Times!
Increase The Amount Of Vitamin D Even 100 Times!

Increase The Amount Of Vitamin D Even 100 Times!

We can also call vitamin D “the sunshine vitamin” – because our body can produce this vitamin just on sunlight exposure.

In addition, just with sunbathing the body will provide the necessary quantity of this important vitamin.

Moreover, this is the best way to get this important vitamin into our body.

Vitamin D is extremely important and also vital for maintaining our healthy body.

Our largest organ – skin produce this vitamin through photosynthesis.

Vitamin D is known as a protection against some types of cancer.

In addition, this important vitamin is necessary food for our brain, muscle, and bone foods.

However, if you like, there is one way and science reveals how to increase it on a diet for 100 times.

The simplest thing to provide for the recommended daily dose of vitamin D is to leave the mushrooms to stay in the sun.

Sunlight is the best way to get vitamin D

Science finds and proves that mushrooms, which are normally produced in the dark places, react to UV rays.

At the same time, mushrooms produce antioxidant – vitamin D to defend against solar radiation.

The effect of the sun on the formation of vitamins is especially increased if you eat:

– Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus), natural edible mushroom

– Also Shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes), native mushroom to East Asia

It does not have to be a very hot day.

However, put every day the mushrooms from 10 to 15 hours on the window to accumulate sunlight.

Turn to the sun the inner part of the mushroom that is mostly brown color for the best result, because it is most susceptible to the sun.

The health benefits of mushrooms:

– You will get minerals and also vitamins

– They are rich in dietary fiber

Mushrooms can prevent cancer

– Lower cholesterol

– They can treat anemia

– Eating mushrooms can also prevent diabetes

– Improve nutrient absorption

– They will also boost your immune system

– In addition, mushrooms lower blood pressure

– They are rich in selenium

– Also, mushrooms increase iron absorption

– Help in weight loss treatments

Source: www.organicfacts.net




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