Inner Thighs! Tighten each part of the legs! (VIDEO)

Inner Thighs


Inner Thighs

Inner thighs are just one part of woman body that you can easily fix.

Even women who exercise regularly are going to forget some parts of the body, which later stand out from the rest and are detrimental to all the effort you put in the tightening of the muscles.

You can fix your inner thighs with this easy exercise

As for the legs, usually, it comes to the inside of the thigh.

If you like to prevent that, in your routine you should include and simple exercise called “Sumo squat”, which will soon make your inner thighs perfectly taut!

Performance is very easy and simple.

All you need is a little space at your home and weight or bottles of water.

Stand in a straddle stand and take the weight in both hands.

Arms should be corrected as on the picture and lowered down.

Start doing squats using your legs and arms with a weight pointing to the floor “locked” and slightly bent at the elbows.

When you are lifting the body, turn on – include your abdominal muscles so the spine and knees can be free of pressure.

Do at least 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

Here below is your video to fix your inner thighs with this simple exercise.


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