Iron In Food For A Good Blood Count!


Lack of iron in the blood is not a rare occurrence, but can also major problems in the human body.

Due to a lack of this mineral in the blood anemia is formed.

This mineral you can put into the body through nutritional supplements, but also by daily consumption of food rich in iron.

People can get anemia due to:

– Insufficient intake of this mineral

– Decreased absorption of this mineral

– Changes during the pregnancy and also breastfeeding

All those things will cause your needs for this mineral.

Sideropenic anemia is the most common form of childhood and is also the result of a baby’s diet deficiency.

It is happened because of the accelerated growth in time for which the needs for iron and other nutrients are not met.

Additionally, in the event of a blood deficiency of this mineral, an infection or impaired reabsorption of the blood from the intestine may occur.

A rare type of anemia causes loss of this mineral due to hidden bleeding.

Also, the cause can be the use of this mineral in the body for some other organs and functions.

It is interesting that smoker due to the constant inhalation of carbon monoxide that binds to hemoglobin causes persistent artificial anemia.

Although people can have the condition of anemia often, they do not know that have iron deficiency.

Iron is important mineral for the body

It is possible to have symptoms for years without any knowledge of cause or worry.

These are symptoms of moderate to severe anemia:

– General fatigue

– Weakness

– Pale skin

– Short breath

– Dizziness

– The desire to consume non-food items (dirt, ice, clay …)

– The thrill of pickling in the legs

– Swellings or tongue pain

– Cold palms and also feet regardless of temperature

– Fast or incorrectly heartbeat

– Broken nails

– Headaches

In addition, anemia can occur in both men and women in any age of life.

Some people may have a greater risk of iron deficiency than others:

– Pregnant women

– People with poor nutrition

– People who often give blood

– Babies and also children

– Vegans and also vegetarians

Iron in food

In order to compensate for the amount of this mineral in the blood, it is necessary to regulate nutrition.

In addition, you need to change some habits of your life.

You can also increase the entry just with two meals rich in this mineral per day.

You can absorb this mineral in the food from “fat” sources.

Also, you can take it from non-fat fruits and vegetables.

At the same time, you need to combine with food containing a lot of vitamin C.

These healthy foods can help treat or prevent anemia:

– Red meat and also pork liver

– Salmon and also shells

– Egg yolk

– Legumes (bean, pea)

Green leafy vegetables (spinach, asparagus)

– Potatoes, tomatoes, beets

– Dry peaches, apricot, and also grapes

– Juice of plums

– Citrus, blackberry, and also watermelon


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