It Can Be A Sign For A Heart Attack!

Heart Attack

Symptoms that indicate a heart attack include chest pain, loss of breath or increased sweating.

Just a few people know also about a sign that is visible on the feet.

A heart attack occurs when is blocked blood flow to the human heart.

Then the heart muscle becomes damaged and also life is seriously compromised.

In addition, to the main symptoms, a heart attack is also indicated by swollen legs, joints, and feet.

Prevent a heart attack

Experts point out that if the heart does not function properly, there is a shortage of water in the extremities.

This condition experts also call edema (swelling) and over time can worsen.

Also, when the heart does not pump blood fast enough, blood is blocked in the veins and causes swelling.

Heart problems can also endanger kidney function by making it difficult for the kidney to remove excess liquid and sodium from the body.

This will have results in swelling and also suffocation.

However, symptoms of a heart attack often differ from person to person.

If you notice swollen legs and also other symptoms indicating heart problems, contact your doctor immediately.

In that way, you can preserve your health and also life.

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