It Is Not True That You Need To Eat Only Ripe Bananas! Here Is Where The Secret Of This Fruit Is Hidden!


Nutritionists discover – if you have diabetes or digestive problems, you should only eat these bananas!

British nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert notes that banana, regardless of whether it is green or very mature, is an excellent source of potassium and also other nutrients.

She says one cannot say one type is better to eat than another.

Each type of banana has some advantages but also disadvantages if people have certain health problems.

Here’s why some people choose those very mature with brown dots while others prefer a little bit green.

What type of bananas is good for you

Greenish banana

They contain less sugar and people with diabetes need to choose those slightly greenish.

Namely, when a banana is more mature, the starch in it becomes more sugar.

Exactly starch is responsible for a longer feeling of satiety.

Research suggests that insufficiently mature bananas have 80 to 90 percent of carbohydrate.

These carbohydrates, as Bananas mature, change into free sugars.

Therefore, it is better for people who suffer from diabetes eat less mature bananas, explains Rhiannon Lambert.

Medium mature banana

Medium mature bananas are easier to use and are also a better option for people who have digestive problems.

In addition, insufficiently ripe banana contains this resistant starch that people cannot digest.

Also, that is maybe good as good intestinal bacteria.

It’s a kind of starch material that bacteria are fed with, say nutritionists.

When resistant starch changes to simple sugar and banana become mature, it becomes easier to digest for the average person.

In fact, experts say that the banana is darker, or has more dark spots, is also healthier for our body.

That type of banana is rich in large amounts of vitamin B and also vitamin C.

In addition, it contains more potassium and antioxidants.

Fully mature banana – ripe banana

Ripe bananas are full of antioxidants.

In addition, when the banana is almost completely brown it is basically full of sugar.

Usually, many people use these bananas in preparing cakes.

Also, chlorophyll changes in new form in them.

This chlorophyll degradation is the reason why the level of antioxidants increases when bananas are older.

Therefore, the full brown banana or ripe banana is an antioxidant power plant.

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