JAPANESE QUAIL EGGS – Small energy bomb as natural remedy

Japanese Quail Eggs

Japanese quail eggs are a natural remedy for curing many diseases.

In addition, people use these eggs for several thousand years, primarily in Asian countries.

Japanese quail eggs are the richest in vitamins and minerals with regard to all other birds’ eggs and even a few times.

For example, they have more vitamin B for ten times, five times more the phosphorus and iron seven times.

Today those eggs are commonly used to treat bronchitis, diseases of the nervous system, heart, circulatory system, liver, and kidneys.

Only fertilized eggs have healing powers so they should buy from trusted sellers.

Japanese quails eggs in the fridge can take place within 60 days.

When you use these eggs as a drug they need to be no older than 30 days.

Japanese quail eggs are rich in Selenium and vitamin A.

That is protection for our body from free radicals which can lead to cancer.

These eggs also relieve you from chemotherapy effects and help you to recover after surgery when you remove cancer growth.

Anti-aging is another benefit when you use Japanese quail eggs in your diet.

They prevent oxidative damage to your brain and memory loss because of Omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition to other things, they can increase libido for a man without any bad side effects.

How to drink Japanese quail eggs?

Japanese quail eggs should drink raw and every morning on an empty stomach a half an hour you do not need anything to eat.

A complete daily dose needs to be taken once and drink the whole egg.

During this therapy is not desirable alcohol consumption.

Caution is recommended for people suffering from bile.

In order to be more easily consumed can be mixed with honey, yogurt, lemon juice, apples, oranges and similar.

Japanese quail eggs a thousand years natural remedy

Who should take the Japanese quail eggs?

The preventive purposes, to improve the overall condition of the body and physical condition of the Japanese quail eggs are recommended for children in the developing world, athletes, persons who perform hard labor and the elderly.

The Japanese quail eggs as a drug used for the treatment of the following diseases in these amounts:

– 120 Japanese quail eggs: increased blood pressure, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers

– 240 Japanese quail eggs: anemia, migraine, diabetes, gastritis, bronchitis, asthma, arteriosclerosis, heart attack, high blood cholesterol levels in the blood, nerve disorder, tuberculosis

– 1080 Japanese quail eggs: brain tumor, fatigue due to heavy physical work

The treatment has effects at the patient when they drink a particular quantity of Japanese quail eggs at a certain period of time (from 120 to 1080, depending on the type of disease).

The first three days of treatment, you need to drink after 3 eggs, and thereafter until the end of treatment at 5 eggs.

Children should (depending on age) that taking fewer eggs as follows: up to three years – two eggs a day, three to five years- egg to ten years – four eggs.

The therapy also should last 15 to 50 days (depending on a number of eggs and age).

If It`s necessary treatment can be repeated after the obligatory pause of 2 months.

The distance between the two therapies, however, should not be longer than 6 months.

This type of treatment is usually no adverse effects except that you do not need to carry out patients who are banned from taking protein (eggs, meat, milk) and as mentioned earlier people suffering from bile.