Home Beauty Japanese Secret Of Beauty And Youth! This Natural Mask Removes The Years Off Your Face!
Japanese Secret Of Beauty And Youth! This Natural Mask Removes The Years Off Your Face!

Japanese Secret Of Beauty And Youth! This Natural Mask Removes The Years Off Your Face!

Japanese Secret

Japanese secret of beauty and youth is a well-known recipe in Japan.

Did you know about an ingredient that is used in Japanese beauty recipes?

It`s used for centuries like healing cosmetic agent and is a common ingredient for Japanese secret recipe of an anti-aging mask.

Japanese secret mask revealed for you

Rice is rich with vitamins B and is stimulating the cell repair and growth.

In addition, is slowing the premature aging and is increasing the blood to our skin.

That is everything you need for a dazzling complexion of your skin.

Japanese women are using this rice-based mask to prevent their skin from a premature aging and to keep their skin in a perfect condition.

This Japanese secret facial mask is therapeutic for the skin of your face and will very soon become your favorite mask.

After application of this mask, the skin of your face will become light, soft, radiant and velvety.

You need to use high-quality ingredients like honey milk and rice.

Ingredients for Japanese secret mask:

– 2-3 tbsp of raw rice

– Milk

– Honey

– Water

Preparation of Japanese secret mask:

Put raw rice in cold water and warm up the mixture until rice becomes soft.

Strain the mixture and put aside rice water in a different bowl.

Wash rice and add one tablespoon of warm milk.

Stir until the mixture is well combined and add one tablespoon of honey.

Clean your face thoroughly before you apply the mask.

Apply a plentiful amount of the mask on the face.

After half an hour carefully remove the mask and rinse with the rest of rice water.

In addition, you need to know that rice water is an excellent skin moisturizer.

The rice water is rich with antioxidants that have the ability to neutralize ultraviolet rays.

It`s also bind copper, is slowing the formation of unwanted melanin and thus is preventing the formation pigment stains and will brighten other pigment stains if you have them.

You should keep the rice water in the refrigerator just 4 days.

Use the rice water twice per day, in the mornings and evenings.

The rice water can be frozen as ice molds and you can use it for skin icing treatments or for facial massage.

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