The Jewel Of The Russian Medicine! Golden Water Health Benefits And How To Make It!

Golden Water

Golden Water

Golden water you can drink, you can do coverings or to use it for massage, but the benefits are multiple.

And while today it is popular silver water, which is used in medicine and cosmetics, there are few who know about the welfare of liquid of Russian doctors called – golden water.

Golden water will improve your health

It’s the water enriched with ions of gold, which strengthens the immune system, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, balance pulse, improves our skin, improves memory and stimulates mental activity.

This medicinal liquid can be consumes in three ways.

You can drink, make the lining of her, but also you can use it for massage.

All applications of golden water

Golden water is used for prevention and treatment of heart disease, respiratory, digestive, pain in the muscles, to prevent anemia, the prevention and treatment of radiculitis, osteochondrosis, epilepsy and infertility, and is excellent in cases of liver weakness, cramps, hysteria and impotence.

Except uses in medicine, golden water is successfully used in cosmetics.

It stimulates circulation, strengthens capillaries and increases muscle tone and is suitable for all skin types.

For example, if you wash your face with the golden water and you have oily skin, it will disappear all the oily shininess of your skin and the skin will become smooth.

On the other hand, dry skin thanks to the golden water becomes soft and hydrated.

Also, gold water is recommended for weak root hair and irritated scalp.

Rinse hair with this water and after a few treatments, you will strengthen the hair roots and revitalize the scalp.

Preparation of golden water according to the recipe of Dr. Julija Doronjin:

Take gold coins or jewelry made of yellow gold (wedding ring, bracelet, earrings, whatever you have).

Jewelry must be exclusively made of yellow gold, with no ornamental stones, and it is desirable that the weight of jewelry is not less than 3 grams.

Wash jewelry under running tap water, and put it in the intact enamel saucepan.

Pour the gold with two glasses of water, preferably filtered.

Cook jewelry on a low flame until the amount of water is reduced to half.

Remove your jewelry and water use as a medicine.


Drink one teaspoon of resulting water 3 times a day.

Due to the very strong action, healing golden water you should drink in small amounts and for short periods, so make big breaks between treatments.

NOTE: Golden water should not be used for any purpose if you have an allergy to gold.

Also, it`s not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.


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