Keep Healthy Heart! Use The Mediterranean Diet On Your Menu!

Mediterranean Diet



Mediterranean Diet

The fate of your heart is in your hands, the best prescription is available to everyone.

Therefore, listen to our advice and go to a nearby supermarket to purchase Mediterranean foods that will keep your health.

Mediterranean diet is healthy for your heart

If you say that someone has conducted 20 years analysis of all heart diseases and have found the solution, the first thought you may have is that it is a pill  and is necessary to pay a lot of money.

However, scientists at the University of Minnesota, also the creators of this research, gave a completely different answer.

The key to the puzzle lies in the Mediterranean diet, which is considered a natural therapy for the proper functioning of the heart and the prevention of heart attack.

The secret lies in rich plant food and olive oil, which is the core of the centuries-old, traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Such food is the most faithful adhere to the Greeks and Spaniards.

However, it is not surprising that their life is twice longer than residents of other European countries.

Low calorie, with very little cholesterol, Mediterranean diet combines seemingly incompatible – a healthy life and a high quality, delicious menu.

What should your Mediterranean menu that contains?

– Eat plenty of nuts, biscuits and pasta.

On a daily basis treat yourself to enjoy fresh fruits and fresh or steamed vegetables.

– Several times a week, consume fish, cheese, yogurt and chicken.

Eggs, sweets, especially red meat, should be on your plate, they only a couple of times per month.

– Seafood is recommended as a mandatory part of your diet.

At the same time, in your kitchen will be transferred and split the sea atmosphere.

Complete the experience with a glass of red wine that will enhance the immune system.

– Make sure that you have in the kitchen at hand always black bread and onions, which normalize the heartbeat.

Remember that your meals should contain and milk products, which affect the lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol.


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