Kefir Is A Lot Healthier Than Yogurt! Here Is Why!


Kefir is a healthy drink so famous that people call this ingredient “magic milk”.

You can make this ingredient from goat, cow or sheep milk when you mix with kefir grains and leave to make natural fermentation.

Here is a recipe to make kefir.

It is full of probiotics, healthy yeast, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Kefir is easy to consume even for those people who have problems with tolerance to lactose.

There are many reasons why this magical beverage is better than yogurt.

That is why you need sometimes replace yogurt with kefir.

What are kefir grains?

It is a combination of yeast and bacteria special, mixed with a variety of proteins, lipids, and sugars.

All of those compounds form “clans” of healthy bacteria in kefir milk and therefore it has a denser structure.

Kefir is very old drink – people believe that is more than 5000 years.

He came into Europe traveling from the Caucasus through China.

Why is kefir healthy?

He has the ability to:

– Cleanse our body

– Treat cancer

– Cleanse our digestive tract

– Eliminate bad bacteria

– Improve the immune system

– Controls diabetes and lactose intolerance

It is very useful for those people who want to lose weight, improve the health of skin and hair.

At the same time, this ingredient can protect us from various fungal infections and viral infections.

This ingredient is much better for digestion because it contains healthy probiotics.

Probiotics can eliminate the bad bacteria from the intestine and help us to better accept and process food.

In addition, it contains dietary fiber and prevents constipation.

People with diabetes and those who are lactose intolerant should regularly consume kefir.

This ingredient contains sugars, and bacteria that “eat” lactose.

Excess sugar eliminating from the body before it can causes problems with blood sugar.

Those who consume kefir need to know that this beverage really cleans the body.

Of course, they visit the toilet more often.

General health

It’s full of vitamin C and good minerals and therefore it is excellent for strengthening the immune system.

It is rich in protein and boosts the metabolism, and improves wound healing and faster recovery.

At the same time, it can help and to those who have problems with arteriosclerosis or who have had a stroke or heart attack.

Kefir and for them can be very beneficial.

Just to mention, you can also make and amazing coconut kefir.

Use this natural and magical ingredient for the best of your health.

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