Home Diets Ketogenic Diet Is Number 1, Since 1920! Treats Dangerous Diseases, Changes Psyche, Burns Every Fat!
Ketogenic Diet Is Number 1, Since 1920! Treats Dangerous Diseases, Changes Psyche, Burns Every Fat!

Ketogenic Diet Is Number 1, Since 1920! Treats Dangerous Diseases, Changes Psyche, Burns Every Fat!

When a man starts practicing Ketogenic diet, the body becomes a fat burning machine.

In addition, this diet is one of the rare ways of nutrition and diets that has been successful since 1920.

This is also unusual if you take into account the strictness and reduction in the diet that it implies this diet.

On the other hand, it also implies a complete change of thinking and psyche.

Therefore, those who start this diet are fully committed to the end and adhere to it.

Why Ketogenic diet?

Ketogenic diet implies a complete renunciation of carbohydrate and sugar over a longer period of time – forever.

It has been proven that carbohydrates feed nerve cells and also brain cells.

However, at some point, the brain cells cannot get the glucose obtained from the carbohydrate.

Therefore, it is good for cell brains to give an alternative to nutrition.

That is why the renunciation of these substances is, in fact, suitable for treating even the most severe diseases of nerve disorders.

In that way, in fact, this diet was born, in the 20s of the 20th century.

Moreover, the treatment of epilepsy in one clinic began in this way.

In addition, in the patients affected by this diet, had improvements in the symptoms of diabetes, high cholesterol, and impaired blood pressure.

When our body is exposed to carbohydrates, it uses them or converts them into energy -consuming glucose.

However, when you do not bring any carbohydrates, the body is forced to dissipate the fat from the body and thus gain energy.

In this way, the effect is double.

The organism does not come into contact with sugars and charcoal hydrates, which can be harmful to a greater extent.

At the same time, the body releases excess fat.

If you have recognized the similarity with Atkinson’s diet – you have not mistaken.

The Ketogenic diet is close to Atkinson’s diet.

What do you need to know about Ketogenic diet?

Ketosis is the condition in which the organism comes after serious implementation of this diet for a longer period.

It also happens when the body begins to process fat rather than glucose.

Then the organism creates so-called ketones, which replace the energy generated from the body fat.

Although some think that ketosis is occurring very quickly in the west, many ketogenic trainers claim that for the right ketosis you need more weeks.

Maintaining this diet is not easy.

The first thing is because it is difficult to track the amount of sugar and carbohydrate that is introduced into the body.

The second thing is because it is difficult to adhere to.

Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to engage special ketogenic advisers or trainers who support new beginners.

If this is too expensive or impossible to do, there are a number of online ketogenic forums on the internet where people share the experiences and also recipes for this diet.

It is very important to know which foods you can consume.

At the same time, this diet affects cellulite but also exercises if you are doing bodybuilding.

The essence of this diet is a fat intake of about 70-80% of total daily caloric needs.

15-20% of those fats are proteins and only 5% are carbohydrates.

All this is just the beginning because there is a whole range of foods that also follow these diet.

Ketogenic diet benefits

Lose extra pounds

This is actually the first reason people turn to this diet.

When the organism begins to “eat itself,” or takes its own fat as energy, it literally becomes a fat melting machine.

Reduces the risk of diabetes 2 and alleviates the symptoms of existing diabetes

By reducing the amount of glucose that is introduced into the body, or even completely eliminating, the body also regulates the problems caused by high levels of glucose in the body.

Insulin rises to reduce the risk of large amounts of glucose.

Also, it creates as much energy as possible to reduce high glucose levels.

If, however, there is no glucose, then there is no insulin.

Reduces the risk of increased blood pressure and cholesterol

Reducing fat in the body also reduces the risk of increased cholesterol and then high blood pressure.

Likewise, this diet also allows reduction of triglycerides in the blood.

Reduces the risk of cancer

The latest researches show that high blood sugar levels are also causes of cancer.

That is why it is very important to carry out a diet that drastically eliminates the level of glucose in the body.

Reduces the risk of heart disease and brain injury

Carbohydrates directly attack the brain cells which was also the reason for developing this diet.

In this way, this diet not only reduces the risk of epilepsy, but also of Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and dementia.

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