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Do You Know Surprising Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts!

Do You Know Surprising Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts!

Some people say that we can eat five Brazil nuts daily and others warn us not to eat more than one.

How much we really need from this natural ingredient, if we want to bring selenium into the body in this way?

Brazilian nutrition is an excellent source of minerals.

However, because of some other ingredients in it, you cannot consume how much you like it.

Let’s look at what kind of ingredient is the word.

Although we call it Brazil nuts, this nuts grows also in Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, and Eastern Colombia.

It is very nutritious because it contains plenty of vitamins (vitamin E and vitamin B), and also minerals.

However, there are some ingredients that are not so good.

Therefore, experts recommend that you do not eat more than two to four Brazil nuts per day.

What is it that is not good for us?

Fatty acids are the first compound that this ingredient contains.

They contain monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, as well as plenty of saturated acids.

It is also important and how intense it is.

When purchasing this ingredient, pay attention to its color.

The nuts need to be with almost white color and just a little yellowish.

Otherwise, if it is darker, it means that it is treated in some way when extracted from the shell.

The aflatoxins and harmful toxins found in the shell through the processing of this fruit can transfer from the shell to the fruit.

In addition, the consumption of Brazil nuts is limited because this ingredient contains some radioactive elements.

However, these radioactive elements are in small quantities.

These substances are the result of root composition and nutrition of the plant itself.

But let’s get back to his positive sides.

Positive sides of the Brazil nuts

This ingredient contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron and selenium.

Besides being good for the skin, also has an antiviral and anticancer effect.

Selenium is an ingredient that you can find in a very small number of foods.

That`s why because these nuts are almost a precious fruit.

Also, it contains natural fibers that are good for the health of the whole organism.

Because of all these good ingredients, these nuts increase immunity and works well on the cardiovascular system.

So, this ingredient generally works well on the body, but it should be consciously eaten.

It`s especially if you pay attention for kilograms and you do not want to gain weight.

The health benefits of Brazil nuts:

Anti-cancer properties

– Cardiovascular health

– Powerful and rare antioxidants

Weight control

– Improve the male fertility

– Good for brain health

– Protecting skin health

– Selenium helps in function of thyroid gland

– Helpful for the human immunity system

– Improve the metabolic parameters in type 2 diabetes patients

– It helps in repair and growth of human cells

To repeat how much you can consume this healthy ingredient – two to four daily.

Those who have not consume this ingredient so far and are prone to allergy of nuts fruit, let’s start eating one in the morning.

Source: www.nutrition-and-you.com




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