KOMBUCHA – Natural and homemade miracle


They call it even a Japanese mushroom, mushroom Russian, Chinese mushrooms, Indian tea fungus mushroom for longevity, etc.

Kombucha is well known in the world and her name is Japanese origin.

Medicinal properties of this “mushroom” are widely known.

Experience has shown that tea from this mushroom lowers high blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol, accelerates blood circulation, has a positive effect on glands, stimulates metabolism, or encourages fat burning and consequently weight loss.

It helps with rheumatism and arthritis by facilitating the mobility of joints, regulates the work of the stomach, liver and kidneys.

It has a beneficial effect on skin diseases, arthritis, arteriosclerosis.

It helps with constipation, lowers blood urea and relieves stress and insomnia.

Increases immunity, purifying the body, stimulates hair growth …

Kombucha is homemade miracle

Kombucha tea is used for centuries in Asian national circulation.

Eastern peoples believe can restore youth, vigor and extend life expectancy.

The peoples who daily drink two and a half deciliter of kombucha tea don`t have wrinkles on the face and no other visible signs of aging, such as gray hair or age spots on the hands.

How to make kombucha?

After filtration of fermented grapes for wine mash, add plenty of plain water and a little sugar.

Don`t cover the container, but leave one week to work.

In this way, the wine yeast from the wine mash will be united with acetic bacteria from the air and will form a light brown, slimy blanket – so it made Kombucha, which over time with proper maintenance to grow and reproduce.

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