KOMBUCHA TEA – How to prepare?

Kombucha Tea

Kombucha Tea

Preparation of Kombucha tea

In 1 liter of boiling water down 2 teaspoons of any herbal mixture for tea (the best results showed the use of green tea).

Allow to stand for 15 minutes, then strain. Immediately then add 4 tablespoons of sugar and mix it.

Let the mixture cool down to the level of room temperature.

Prepare a clean glass container (not metal) and moved to pour cooled tea.

Only then you can lower Kombucha into the tea.

Kombucha tea – one more healthy drink

If the Kombucha beverage is preparing for the first time from kombucha add the liquid that was created along with it into the tea.

For each time, it is necessary to preserve some fluid from the previous drinks and add it to the new (about 10% of the total amount of new beverage).

Cover the container with gauze or other light and transparent fabric (not with cellophane because fungus could not breathe) and leave for 10 days in a warm, dark and quiet place (for that time is best not to move it).

During that time if the fungus falls to the bottom at the top will be next to it to form new young Kombucha.

The fungus can be used to prepare tea several times, to be precise until he is the bright color.

When you begin to dim, you should throw it and continue with the emerging young Kombucha.

For a sweeter taste of beverage you need to stop fermentation a little early and for the sour taste left to ferment a bit longer (which usually depends on the level of heat in the apartment).

Kombucha beverage should be mild taste.

Excessively strong and acidic beverage can have a harmful effect on the human body.

Thereafter, with a plastic spoon (not metal) remove Kombucha from the container, wash a little with cold water and so is ready for the preparation of a new beverage.

Obtained Kombucha tea to pour into glass bottles and seal well (10% liquids, together with mushrooms, preserved for the preparation of a new beverage).

Over time, as the fungus grows from it will be possible to make increasing amounts of Kombucha tea, which have been stored in a cool place, usable for months.

Kombucha tea you can drink three times a day for one small cup, in the morning on an empty stomach, then after lunch and in the evening just before bedtime.

Kombucha tea accelerates blood circulation, makes lower high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and sugar, stimulates metabolism, has a positive effect on glands, help for fat burning and help for weight loss.

It helps with arthritis and rheumatism by making easier the mobility of joints, help in regulation the work of our stomach, kidneys and liver.

Kombucha tea has a very good effect for arteriosclerosis and skin diseases.

It lowers blood urea, helps with constipation, and relieves insomnia and stress, stimulates hair growth, purifying the body, increases immunity …


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