The Lack Of Iodine In The Organism Is Dangerous! It Can Cause Breast Cancer!


One of the essential minerals for our organism is iodine …

It affects every organ in our body, and it is also very important in preventing the diseases.

The most dangerous of all known dangerous diseases is breast cancer.

This is also the most common form of cancer in women.

In addition, to the thyroid gland, the highest concentration of that compound in our body is found in breast tissue.

Iodine is essential mineral for our body

Lack of iodine can lead to fibrocystic breast changes in the chest.

According to American surgeon Donald Miler Jr., women suffering from breast cancer have in most cases had a significant iodine deficiency in their body.

Namely, women suffering from this type of cancer have elevated estrogen and a low level of progesterone in their breast tissue.

The thyroid hormones have iodine in their composition, both natural and synthetic.

Also, thyroid hormones keep the level of estrogen under control.

Exactly in that way, they reduce the risk of this severe illness.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that preventive examinations play a major role in detecting this type of disease.

Do not forget that prevention is always the best remedy for your body.

What is very important in iodine is that the body does not produce this compound.

That is why we have to get this essential compound on daily basis.

Experts advise everyone to follow the Japanese example whose diet is rich in iodine.

These are seafood products that contain this essential compound:

– Shells


– Sea algae

– Whitefish

Therefore, you need to consume some of the foods – ingredients that contain this compound every day.

In addition, one of the best sources of this essential compound is mineral water rich in naturally occurring iodine.

Make your body a favor and also provide yourself with a sufficient amount of this important compound every day.

So little, but also so important- the experts say.

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