Lack Of Potassium! Fast Food Lovers Are In Greatest Danger!


Elderly people, especially those who have had a blood vessel disease such as a stroke or a heart attack, certainly know what potassium is.

It is necessary for the diet to preserve the normal functioning of the blood vessels.

On the other hand, at the present time, it seems that the lack of certain minerals has taken the form of an epidemic.

In addition, potassium is one of the minerals that are among them.

It is presumed that the main cause of reduced potassium in the body is actually putting too much salt.

At the same time, the organism reacts by releasing minerals that bind to the salt, including potassium.

There are those who consume too much fast food and also snack (like chips).

They are the first in a list of risky persons who lack this mineral.

However, it is assumed that a whole series of symptoms show unmistakably that a person has a lack of this mineral.

Of course, we cannot ignore those symptoms.

People that have lack of potassium:

– Those that have high pressure

– Athletes – all those who have a lot of sweating every day

– Those that have any heart rhythm disorders

– Patients that need kidney stones prevention (if they have predisposition)

– People with headaches

– People who complain of persistent fatigue

– Those that have diarrhea for a long time – or use laxatives

– Patients diagnosed with folic acid deficiency

– People with diabetes

– Those that take diuretics

– Patients with the hormonal disorder with increased blood sugar

– People who experience frequent cramps and muscle pain

– Also, people with tingling in the legs and arms

– People with frequent constipation

– Also, those that have frequent urination and thirst

In addition, among potential risk patients are children, pregnant women, and people with metabolism disorder.

You can do a simple blood test that will show if you are on the list of people that have lack of this mineral.

Treatment is very simple and also involves the use of supplements that can be found in every apothecary.

However, taking supplements is foreseen only for those who are in acute condition.

That is those people that will have a problem because they have already lacked this mineral.

For all the others who still have no lack of potassium or illness as a consequence of it, it is much better to replace supplements with nutrition.

You can use healthy and natural foods that can increase the level of this mineral in the organism.

There are some foods that are rich in this mineral and are available in our dining room.

Natural foods rich in potassium


There is a myth that people who like to eat bananas actually have a potassium deficiency in the body.

That`s why people need to eat bananas.

Of course, it is impossible to determine, but if it is, it is not difficult for us to consume this sweet fruit virtually every day.


Like any green leafy vegetables, spinach is also very useful in our diet.

It is assumed that one portion of spinach contains up to 24% of daily necessities for this mineral.

Moreover, spinach has other vitamins and minerals that we also need for our organism.


Any kind of fish contains a large amount of this mineral.

However, it is always best to choose sea fish as it contains iodine and omega-3 acids.

Of course, the best is to consume grilled, roasted or cooked fish.

Include fish for at least one day in the menus in the week.


Although people eat mushrooms rarely, they contain as much as 12% of the daily body requirement.

Given that they are often added as a garnish of fish, they are the perfect meal for increasing the level of this mineral.


This is already a food that is also like a tradition in our dining room.

One cup of bean contains 25% daily potassium.

It is clear that bean is extremely useful for adding this mineral in our body.

The black bean is better for eating because it is easier to digest.

Of other foods, it is not bad to mention:

Sweet potatoes


– Kale

– Brussels sprout


– Tomato

In any case, as a first step is to reduce the salt from the diet.

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